I've Had Bad Experiences With Doctors.

We might have an NHS system where I live but that doesn't mean we have perfect doctors. I have had my fair share of abusive, unsympathetic and very rude doctors.

One time I went to the doctors for my depression. I usually hate going to the doctors and I rarely saw them at this time in my life. Anyhow, I went into the room and the doctor was there and 3 other student doctors. I explained all the symptoms I was suffering with and broke down into tears. I'm not kidding, the doctor just said to me, 'there is nothing we can do for you, what do you expect us to do'? My crying was even worse and I looked up to catch the doctor looking bored out of his brains and flicking an elastic band, the other student doctors didn't know what to do as they were just observing. I just walked straight out of the room in tears and had a panic attack in the waiting room. I wish I had reported him.


Another time was when it started when I was about 15. I have a back condition which I had to wear a back brace for. I used to visit this back specialist with my foster mother. He was pretty creepy and quite pervy but I didn't worry too much about it. He would make very innapropriate comments about my underwear as I had to ***** down to undergarments for the appointments. He used to get me to bend in the positions which gave him the best view of what he found desirable, it was humiliating. My foster mother said nothing and did nothing. Eventually she couldn't be bothered to come to the appointments with me and made me go on my own. I had to travel to southampton and go. It was at this time when I got sexually assaulted by him. He puts his hands in my knickers and in my bra, I so shocked, I nearly fainted. I was mortified, I dont know how I kept it together. Later that day, I reported it to the police and I had to make a statement. The evidence was looked at. They decided there just wasn't enough evidence to go to court so terminated it. Then out of nowhere, a glimmer of hope. I had a phonecall from the police saying four girls had come forward and reported this doctor for sexual assault. They wanted me to stand in court as I was 18, all the others were under 18. The day I gave evidence was terrifying. Unfortuantly, my story wasn't enough as after the trial, he was found not guilty of my and 3 of the other girls offenses except for one. He was found guilty of one charge. I don't how long he was put away for and I still havn't got over it.


And then the time I went to the doctor about my PMS, I suffer terribly, I even get suicidal right before I am due. I went to see the nurse and she was very unsympathetic. She pretty much just said, 'drink more water and get more exercise'. That was it.


Another time with a psychiatrist who said that I need to grow up with regards to my depression, I think I am quite mature, I just have problems coping with stress, so he was also very unsympathetic. I'm seeing a new psychiatrist soon., thankgod.


So yeah, I have definitly had my fair share of bad doctors. I have abit of doctor phobia now. Havn't visited the doctor for a couple of years now.


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I found your story by do a search of the word "doctors". I have had repeated problems with doctors that are rude and arrogant. I am sorry that, in your situation, you were sexually abused.

There is a rise in violence against physicians in the US, and in China the situation has become very bad. I read about a man that stabbed his doctor after having plastic surgery because he wasn't happy with the results. The general opinion in that country is that doctors are arrrogant and incompetent.

If I were a sue-happy type of person, I would launch a modesty case against my former primary care doctor who engineered opportunities to humiliate me. He is a narcissistic, sadistic, ugly *****. Very disgusting and mean.