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When will people grow a brain and relize that words hurt more than physical pain then I will gain some respect for humanity. I dont really give a shiz if you hate my hair. It looks fake, but I love it. If you dont like my personality then dont talk to me. You dont like who I am dont look at me. Before you go and judge people walk around in their shoes. I can tell everyone right now, very few people can go through what I have gone through. You want my story ill tell you, no holding back. Haters ain't gonna hold me back from pursuing my dreams. So what if I'm not smart, handsome, cute, or the right weight. I have my reasons for being this way and I'm working my butt of trying to fix my "problems". Oh yeah just because you're a Gblt doesn't give speceal rights to talk crud either. I should know, I'm gay -.-. Why cant we all just pull our heads out of know what and love. Yeah to love we need hate, but we dont have to spread it. It starts fights and war. Two things this idiotic world doesn't need. We humans need to work together to fix problems, not mock and put others down. Forth why lie. I know that is hypocritical, but really people..not needed. A little white lie is okay every now and hen, but when you lie so much you start to believe yourself...huh sad. If you lie, you're only hurting yourself in the long run. You will always be caught. I'm beautiful the way I am just like everybody else. A little secret, there is no popularity chain anymore. You believe in that..well you're idiotic. If you're to afraid to be yourself because you think your friends will hate you, remember this; a real friend will stay by you no matter what. They are your family. If they reject you screw them. They where a waste of your time and life. Until human beings can learn to get along and not judge, I have no respect for humanity -.-
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Physical pain can hurt more than words, depending on the person. I have chronic physical pain, and I would trade it for some harsh words any day.

Judging is essentially a survival skill that allows humans to avoid negative or dangerous situations. Like staying away from bad people. So yes, I judge. That doesn't mean I have lack of respect or believe what I think and assume is always correct though.

To ask humans to stop judging would both be disastrous and impossible.

Now, I do agree that some people take it too far, like stereotyping everyone or being too close-minded to change your view of someone.

.Sounds like something I tell people everyday lol.!! The world needs LOVE and kindness. If people don't get along they don't need to socialize but that doesn't mean they need to talk crud either. I LOVE YOU BREN.!!

Oh Brenden, I love you just the way you are- don't change anything!!!! People are cruel, they are bastards, they don't care who they hurt with their posturing and bullying!!! I hate that! Why can't people be civil and understanding- WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!! I love you honey, stay strong!!!! Your good friend Cath p.s You are looking kinda cute in that photo, swoon!!!

I will thank you so much Cath. I missed you :). Because litterally suck ***. I'm sorry pardon my french, but they do. I hate being hated on because I dont dress like everyone else. Or I have a different style. Its like let me be me. Love you Cath!

I respect what you had to say a lot! Its so true that people need to learn to love or even if not that, then at least be civil to each other. Words hurt just as much as someone hitting you, sometimes even more so. I've been there and I do understand that.

Good guy right here
You're a great person. You ever need anything I'm here. :)
Dont worry just throw their words away. Haters gonna hate :)

Thanks that means a lot :) and same here, I'm here if you ever just need to rant or just to talk. And you're a great person to, don't ever let anyone tell you different :)

Thank you! We have to talk more haha

Hear, hear! :) I saw a quote recently that said "the older I get, the more I realize I ******* hate people"... I had to laugh at that. In all honesty, I love people - one on one at least. When you're dealing with the masses though, they seem to be a bunch of mindless drones that are afraid to be themselves. One on one however, you get to know a person and in my experience at least, I've seen that they really aren't that different from myself. We are all beaten up and broken in one way or another. A person who can admit that about themselves is a person I respect. I actually had to delete my facebook page because people kept complaining about my posts as being "too sad", "too honest"... WTF??? My sister told me never to post on fb anything you wouldn't announce at a party. I said I don't go to parties unless it is a small gathering of close friends. If I can't say those things to my friends, who can I say them to? Screw humanity and screw facebook :)

Omg I get in trouble all the time for posting realistic shiz like this on facebook. I am thinking about deleting mine as well. People dont understands its a social website. Not a, "live the way we want you to " website -.-. And I dont understand why humans be fake (I do it to, but not all the time). Occasionally yes, it is okay, but 24/7 to the point you become a complete ****, no. Yes Skrew Humanity and fb!

I could not put it better my self I dont what to be a robot like you see a lot of them in london all they do is work work work but the way they look down there noise at the other people that are not like then what right do they have to do this none and do you really call that a life sorry I dont if you dont like something someone else is doing and it has nothing to do or hurt you keep out and if someone need's help dont just stand there and watch them struggle HELP THEM

Agreed , ur absolutely correct hope u keep being ur self and honest don't let haters charge u no matter what stay true too ur self, and haters got to hate imitators got to inundate right jk I seriously don't like judging ppl by there looks alone I have to know tio talk and even then I won't talk behind ur back why to there is no reassign too they should know the eyeteeth anyways ppl should they too imagine there sells in our shoes I bet they wouldn't like to be talked **** about if they were us , they should ready open up there mind"human instinct" right

Couldn't have said this better myself. Thanks for reading ♪

No problen

Sorry I meant imagine there selfs in our shoes lol they seriously have no idea what we go truh

Perfectly excecuted story there Paws ..:)

Thanks haha. :) Glad you liked it!

Your self confidence is REFRESHING ...whoever dont LIKE u, ****'M , ..Its THEIR loss ..:) ..:)

Haha thanks!! You're amazing yourself.

Wud u concider add a Rockstar to your circle of friendz ? ...Id concider it an HONOR n PRIVELEDGE ..:)

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agreed, but about the real friends who will always stay by my side, well some need to leave me coz its the best thing to do i guess, but to me they are always my real friends, and about the hair, i'm with you lol

I wont ever leave ya :). And yeh. Haters Gonna Hate

thankies (; well, in a game of life, play by your own rule!