Empty Sacks Of Flesh

Life is a gift. Many people die before or shortly after they are born. We are fortunate that we have the oppurtunity of life. But do we deserve it? What makes us better then the ones that died before they had the chance to live? We must prove that life didnt make a mistake by leting us survive. We must take the oppurtunity that others were denied and do something with it, but so many don't. So many are empty sacks of flesh that should have died and another should have been born instead. Lets not take life for granted like the majority. Lets stand and make a difference. Let us show that we deserved our births and our survival thus far.

Jonnn Jonnn
18-21, M
4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

Good question. Well, I have started a movement for world peace. I have written my own equivalent to the Bible and started a religious movement that is quite anti-religious. Perhaps I would be better off to say a philosophic movement. I have a small following, but it will get bigger. In a few years time I hope to start a new political party because you can do that in Canada. I am also working with many young entrepreneurs so that in tomorrows business world I can have a good position. I just met a guy who is working with me and we will start playing the stock market. Btw, none of this money talk is out of greed. Money is the lifeblood of society. If you want to change society you need to have control of it's lifeblood or you need to get people to detach themselves from the lifeblood. It is much easier to do the former then the later. People love their money. In the end I hope to have started a movement that will one day bring world peace. In no way do I expect to see world peace in my own time. But I want to get the ball rolling. Everything that is rolling right now sucks and will not achieve anything but what we already have.

True. My example was simply to explain the value of our life, which is to often wasted and taken for granted.

but how do you know that the person who survived if we had died at birth desrerved to live if all our lives were to defined purpose we would no longer be human. i support you in that we must try and stand and show our worth but to give our whole existance to stading up. does not prove our worth it proves our bitterness

This really makes you think. Giving a positive statement in a negative and dark way, but I suppot you in this!