Empty Sacks Of Flesh

Life is a gift. Many people die before or shortly after they are born. We are fortunate that we have the oppurtunity of life. But do we deserve it? What makes us better then the ones that died before they had the chance to live? We must prove that life didnt make a mistake by leting us survive. We must take the oppurtunity that others were denied and do something with it, but so many don't. So many are empty sacks of flesh that should have died and another should have been born instead. Lets not take life for granted like the majority. Lets stand and make a difference. Let us show that we deserved our births and our survival thus far.

Jonnn Jonnn
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

iron maden...i've been doing what you said for years and all it has done is age the **** out of me.<br />
I used to be alive....but someone made sure to kill me....so lets all just watch eachother die! **** it