I Want Them All To Die

******* Humans....disgusting creatures. I don't need any of them. They destroy and rape and murder...they do it for pure pleasure. The good in the world cant ever win against the growing tide of evil in the world. Religion itself is turning ******* evil, causing everyone to kill each other for "peace". These humans, they see themselves as the top of the food chain, the best species on the planet....not for long.   Soon enough, there will be another race that will wipe these ******* off the planet for good, and they will rule the planet correctly.  I only hope I stay alive long enough to witness that moment... I can stand there and laugh in their terrified faces while they BURN!
Duskfang Duskfang
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

The only evil I see here right now are you sir.