Proud To Be A Werewolf

Humans are:

1. Disrespectful
2. greedy
3. stupid
4. hypocrites
5. Hateful of all kinds including their own
6. They hate nature
7. They think its so cool to go to war
8. They also think its nice to violate simple birth rights with no punishments
9. They have no idea how to punish crime
10. All they do is commit crimes
11. Arrogant
12: liars
13. Unaccepting
14. Racists
15. Hate everything different

Tell me if I missed something

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1 I respect everyone
2 I am not greedy
3 I am totally not stupid
4 I'm sorry but I'm not a hypocrite
5 I love every kind of living things!
6 I love nature
7 I HATE war
8 it's not nice
9 we do
10 we don't all commit crime we also love
11 I am not arrogant
12 I do not lie
13 I am accepting if u got to know me
14 I'm not racist
15 I love different things and people

REALLY JUNKARD Number five on your list is So not true you don't know anything

I agree with vampire bride.

Hey junkyard, all animals including wolves are always innocent. You nasty human.

I also wanna be a Dragon.

I am one of the very few humans who respect nature. And love it. I wish I were a werewolf. You are so lucky.

1. Yes we are disrespectful, but that's mainly to those who are disrespectful to us, like you are now.

2. Yes, we are greedy, we take things, but we often give away as well, then where's the greedyness? I do agree we are indeed selfish creatures, but not always in a bad way, since we can share what we've accumulated and often will.

3. Yes, we are imperfect, so we are stupid, hence that is why we can learn, improve, adapt and evolve. If we weren't stupid we couldn't progress, only go backward.

4. Heh, we can certainly be hypocritic alright, but the truly strong ones among us acknowledge mistakes and take responsibility.

5. It's basic animal instinct to shun and distrust others, no matter the species, race, gender or nationality. Every animal has this trait. Also, we can also band together and work as a team when it's really needed.

6. Not true, a lot of humans enjoy nature, but since it's all around us we often don't notice it because it's a habit and inside our comfort zone. I for one do enjoy plants and animals, they liven up the place. :D

7. That's true, can't argue with you there, but a war is basically a huge scale fight and every animal fights, so every animal does wage a tiny war, if you look at it that way, they're not so different, we just have the means to wage a larger war.

8. I have no clue what you mean with this one so I won't argue on this one.

9. Really? Why not? Do you know how to punish crime then?

10. If stealing is a crime, then every animal commits crimes, in the wild food is often stolen from others, so all they do is commit a crime as well.

11. Heh, yes we are completely arrogant alright, but at the same time we can also be quite humble. I do agree that people who brag or boast are often the ones who are the weakest, but it's a form of intimidating that a lot of weaker animals of that species use to survive.

12. Yes we are liars, want to know why? Because we have the mental capability to do so and is a highly developed skill every human learns. However, we often use lies with good intentions, for example, when we don't want to hurt others we lie, we lie to prevent complications, we lie to protect. I also agree we can lie to attack, hurt others, cause complications. It's a double-edged sword really.

13. I'm not sure I agree with you on this one. It's impossible for every animal to accept everything, but if we were truly unaccepting we couldn't adapt, couldn't develop new skills, wouldn't be able to learn new things, wouldn't be able to make friends, family or find a suitable mate.

14. We are, want to know why? Because they're different, it's the same as a orange tiger shunning a white tiger, they're different. Yet in both cases also the same.

15. I disagree, if we indeed hate everything different we wouldn't be able to keep pets, enjoy nature, use computers or even love other humans (which we certainly can).

So all in all, some points you make are certainly valid, though you seem to lack the ability to see the other sides of your points as well. If you disagree with any of my statements, feel free to say so and why you disagree. ^^

I sorry spelling error i ment iresonsible

Irasponceable and I'm not human I'm vampire and proud to be one

Wolves are MUCH better than people!

And much more intelligent lol

Definatly! Lol :D

Hey why don't we fill a zip lock Baggie with rocks and put it on jeopardy lol. It would win for sure since its obviously smarter than the average human! Lol

That is probably the funniest thing I've ever heard, and its probably true! XD Lol

Probably? What school do you go to lol? It's a definite lol

Okay, yeah. Its a definite! Lol

I share you to offer a 300 pound man to a race, your win I hope, then drop a penny at the finish line and he'll be running so fast you won't be able to see him, blink and you'll miss the penny disappearing into thin air lol they can be greedy. Not all but a lot

That's true too. And people even killed each other to make lamps, soap, and decorations out of human skin. How grotesque can one be? >.

They kill my kind, wolves, for hunting farm animals yet they didn't think about that when they destroyed our land, same to yours the Bengal tiger (which is my favorite football team lol) for the same reason and I don't know why wild dogs are hunted.

I know, it's horrible! And they treat my theriotype (African wild dog) so terribly! They don't even kill farm animal any more, but they're still being killed! Asian people (not being racist) take hundreds of AWDs illegally and put them in zoos with cages smaller than jail cells, and they throw rocks at them! Grrrr! It makes me sooo mad!!

2 million homes in the USA are keeping my species as frickin pets. We belong free not confined to what stupid "human worm-babies" [reference to invader zim] think is right then they kill wolves when they retaliate. I'm the words of dr dre "they want to hang us, put us in handcuff, then they wonder why we act so outrageous" they better ever try to put a collars on werewolves, I may be a Christian but I'd kill them if they tried that. One day I hope they finally open their eyes to the truth that their not the only sentient beings (I would like proof that their intelligent for I disagree) on the planet.

Yeah, it is awful. Also, I love Invader ZIM! Lol

How dare you say that you HUMAN WORM BABY!!!!!!!! Whoops sorry for the insult lol jGuess which part was the insult lol

Human? HUMAN??!!! Ahem, HOLD THY IMPUTENT TOUNGE! *growls*

HOW DARE YOU DISRESPECT ZIM!!!!!!!!!!! GIR DESTROY HER!!!!!!!!! Gir: I'm watching the creepy monkey show, now I'm going to song the doom song!!!!

Aww, Gir! But I love ZIM more. Lol ^_^

What's wrong with calling you a human! HUMAN!!!!! :P!!!!!!!!! And if you think your a therian your going to the frickin mental institution!!!!!!

I already live in an insane asylum for girls. My room number is 306. :D

Ill visit you with everything you need to escape. "Just bake me a birthday cake with a saw blade in it to make my jail break" [quoting eminem from the song we made you]


FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! XD

And then, once I'm free, I'll free every wolf from stupid people and terrible zoos! Lol. Oh, but seriously, I do help out at the EFRC, and the rescue wild animals from people who think they're pets. (:

Yeah im a pet. Pet me i dare you. *bites hand off* see I'm friendly

Lol. Wolves love me! And Max (he's a tiger, but definatly NOT a pet).

Tell him he represents my favorite team- the Cincinnati Bengals. Jk not being racist just making a just. I have some human friends and they call me immature, yet they seem to have never looked themselves in the mirror lol. I think I've met 150 give or take humans my age, maybe 20 were my friends at some point, 10 or so still are. Bastards

I only have two friends. Well, only two human friends anyway. I tend to get a long better with people that are older than me, and since it is hard to be friends with someone older than you (because of time management, etc) I only have two friends my age.

Same. I can become friends with almost any adult human (as long as they don't hunt wolves, obvious reasons I shouldn't) but 13 year olds most humans are idiots who I am sick of, that's why I'm home schooled

I really want to be homeschooled, but I'm not. The two friends I have hate people too, though. Lol. We always talk about how stupid humans are and how ignorant most people are age are. Well, really only one of my friends is like that. But they're both cool, smart, and nice.

That's weird, most humans would never accept to be talked down to but if hey want to except reality so be it. My homeschool is state wid which is cool. It's only available in Ohio and anyone can be in it all you have to do is live I'm Ohio and go to south land mal and sign up or whatever. I have almost 80 kids in my class.

That's cool. Well Kaleigh and Sarah aren't like other humans, so I like them. But I'm going to move into the woods (in a house though, lol) soon, and be homeschooled. So I can't wait! Lol xD

That's great. Get away from the craziness lol.

Yep. ^_^

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11. Not all are bad but a lot are

I wasn't accusing the entire species just the most part. I've met a good 100-200 and can only get along with 10-20 give or take.mi have more to add as I think of a certain *****

*giggles* was just makin sure

But I can get along with every werewolf I've talked to. That says a lot about the comparison of our kinds as far as kindness goes, intelligence obviously goes to the werewolves