I went to work today and I got the vibe that this day wasn't going to be going so well. I was right. The girl I can't stand at work was all over the guy I liked. Always talking to him and flirting with him to upset me. He also had a smile on his face. I didn't take it well of course. I just wanted to get out of there. I told him how I felt about him and he doesn't bother to give me a chance and then he treats me like this. I deserve to be treated with respect and he didn't do that. And I can't stand that girl either. She just doesn't know when to stop. Always has to find some way to get under my skin.
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3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

Sorry I know the feeling. FANTASY WORLD/ But if she mysteriously disappears who's to say what happened.

REALITY- screw her and you can find a better guy trust me so screw him to (figuratively of course)

Kill the girl and tie the man to a May-pole

that works too ahaha

he doesn't deserve you and I think you should tell him that it isn't acceptable for him to treat you like that or really anyone like that. also that girl sounds like a loser who isn't satisfied with her own life so she has to interfere with yours. I hope that you find a better guy who will treat you right :)