Humans The Plage Of The World

i hate human beings,animals kill for sevival ,humans kill for pleaser.humans with all of there suppose intellegance cant fathem or have compassion for another human in called compassionate people will drop there causes for a mate.parents will dissown there children for fear of public will try to controlle the women thay say they love ,they will abuse and force masoginistic sex on long friends will turn there back if your life takes a nasty turn and your no longrer fun.humans serve themselfs and no other ....some will try to convince u that they ont and that they do care but when it comes to the crunch they choose there own pleaser over easing your pain....i dont like humans i think that each one is self serving unless your blowing them .females and males r the same ,every single one of u  i hate

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

i hate humans too. ive been sexually abused as well and forced to have sex. however it goes both ways, forcing to have sex is wrong but denying love and intimacy and open communication is wrong too. rape and rejection hurts, but most of all, living on planet earth hurts. humans deserve to die.

Ditto Bravo well said