Aaargh! I Hate Hot & Humid Weather

I grew up In Brisbane in Queensland where it's hot and HUMID from December to April EVERY year. As a humidity hater, I was in hell for 5 months year in, year out. It was like living in a freaking steam bath! Luckily I escaped to the much cooler and virtually humidity free city of Melbourne in Victoria in 2003 and may I just say,  WHY DIDN'T I MAKE THIS SHIFT YEARS & YEARS AGO?? So many years wasted living a sweaty existence...

And to think that thousands of Melbournians move up to Brisbane each year to escape the cool Melbourne weather. SUCKERS!!

Thank you for reading my story. May all your days be cool ones & most importantly, may they be humidity free!

Stan :o)


darkdroner darkdroner
41-45, M
Mar 6, 2009