Conspicuous Consumption

There's a Hum V epidemic where I live.  Every time I see one I want to slap a bumper sticker on it that says, "This Vehicle Fuels Terrorism."

When I look at the drivers I want to ask them these questions.  1. Are you so fantastically insecure that you have to drive a behemoth for a status symbol?  2.  Are you trying to single-handedly destroy the rain forest?  3.  Do you not understand that dependence of foreign oil is the reason why our boys are dying in Iraq?

Some people are truly clueless - or maybe they just don't care.

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ahhg. I live in south africa, I felt we were free of the ****** epidemic...I was wrong. It makes me feel sick to drive by one of those monstrosities on the road...literally, I have sensitive lungs.

Speaking for myself, what the current President thinks (this is making a big assumption) is not relevant.

"Money doesn't care who owns it." Look at Graceland if you want a casehistory in the relationship between money and taste.

BINGO! Reminds me of the female comic I saw once who said, every time she sees a middle aged man driving a Corvette she feels like yelling, "Sorry about your p*nis!"

California's HUMVEE epidemic peaked, probably 2 years ago. I've always thought it was mainly men who felt inadequate that bought them. ;-)

Very funny! Would have made a good photograph. --- Although "vein" was correct - "vain" might have been even more suitable since frequently the purchase of these behemoths has more to do with vanity than it does with practicality, fuel efficiency, or safety. I find them especially comical when driven by one, 100 lb woman, whose needs would be far more easily met by a bicycle. Detroit looked at these things as their salvation, because they were so profitable - now they just look like dinosaurs.

in a similar vein (?), i saw a poor driver who got stuck on a ramp in a parking garage. her suv was too tall, & the top of it hit the ceiling as she tried to drive from the first floor to the second. she should have realized she'd have a problem as she entered the garage: after all, she did hit the sign that reads, "if you hit this sign, your vehicle is too tall for the garage."

in a similar vein (?), i saw a poor driver who got stuck on a ramp in a parking garage. her suv was too tall, & the top of it hit the ceiling as she tried to drive from the first floor to the second. she should have realized she'd have a problem as she entered the garage: after all, she did hit the sign that reads, "if you hit this sign, your vehicle is too tall for the garage."

Can't say that I blame them. was defidently much more funny than sad. the guy was so shocked that his big azz truck couldnt just drive right on through it. in the end the guys stupidity ended up causing a bit of a traffic jam. i guess everyone wanted to see the usually 'spotless' ****** all dirty and stuck in a hole.

Truly a heartbeaking story, Antiyou, I'm brushing back the tears with the back of my hand. Poor guy! If only he'd bought an ocean liner instead! Of course, who'd know the difference?

i once saw a ****** that was quite the opposite of shiny. not by the drivers choice of course. a few years back it had rained so hard that some of the roads were being swept away. there was this one ridiculously deep and huge potthole as a result of the rain. i guess the guy in the ****** didnt realize how deep it was. he went straight for it....and thats when he nosed dived right into it and of course was immediately stuck. my husband helped him out of the truck and he just couldnt stop laughing at the guy. the entire front end up to the middle of the drivers window was under muddy water. it was funny but sad. the poor guy had to wait in the rain for a tow truck.

Bravo Mello. That's the most pathetic irony of all - they're supposed to symbolize macho, off road ruggedness and every one I see looks like it was just pushed off a showroom floor by men wearing white gloves.

JD doesn't like the way the debate is going - presumably because he's losing it - so he throws in an idiotic and completely unfounded insult and then storms off in a huff. Bravo old bean, jolly good. Yes, JD, it's "his right" to be selfish, bloated, narcissistic, and not care a fig about the future of his country or whether or not his grandchildren will be able to breathe the air. That's correct, it's "his right." -- People who have "grown up" - JD - stick around when things get tough, they don't run away like little girls. As for my own fuel consumption - a subject you know absolutely nothing about - I can tell you - not that I have to - that I have managed to get it to the point where you would need a magnifying glass to see it. You see, buddy, I walk my talk - I don't walk away.

wow, jeepdriver, that was just rude

No rest JD. Murder is also a choice, drunk driving is a choice. -- Who are WE to say anything about the choice? Well first of all, we're Americans, so for the time being at least we can say whatever we want. But more importantly, WE are the people paying for a foreign policy predicated on our dependence on foreign oil. That's who WE are. If an insecure twit needs to flaunt his wealth - that's pathetic - but it's his right. But if he flaunts his blatant disregard for our need to take fuel economy seriously - then he's worse than an insecure twit - he's an obnoxious, insecure twit.

well i dont own a ******, but i do like the way they look. but i also like the new jeep wrangler x, and i loved my husbands old toyota 4 runner. but everything big eats too much gas. even mini vans can be gas guzzlers. i still manage to shove all my kids in the back seat of my bimmer. its small but it gets 34 miles to gallon highway and about 24 in the city. fyi, the mileage is only that good cause my hubby has tweaked it so many damn times. but its a reliable old car. well over 200, 000 miles and all its ever needed was a new transmission. its funny though, the transmission is the only thing american made on the car.

Love those country roads - winding like serpents through the scenery. It's hilly around here, great sports car country.

lol. well put!<br />
<br />
i'm the opposite. i prefer driving a junky-looking car and not drawing attention to myself. i like my el-cheapo, beat-up mazda miata, & i put the top down only at night or on long country roads.

The instinct to be ostentatious leads naturally to bad taste. Did you ever see a stretch limo that didn't look bloated, grotesque, and preposterous? An inflated wedding cake on 4 rubber tires. If the only game you're playing is, "Look at me," you will out of necessity be driven [sic] to ever more ghastly extremes.

i wonder why someone would want to be ostentatious in such a tacky way. it seems paradoxical to me.

Job-related or personal? If it's job-related it might qualify as a deductible business expense.

You see!! Now do you understand why your participation is so important? EP is a team effort, one whacky perspective won't do, we need many! :-)

True enough, Constant, true enough. Now Celainn - I Googled -- "****** East Village NYC" -- and the only result was "Crazy Abdul's Used Sport Utility Vehicles & Topless A Go-Go Barbie Q" -- is that the place you meant?

Well ... I can't claim innocence ... hehe ... *evil smile* Besides ... if it weren't for the internet we wouldn't have all met and our lives would be less colorful and we wouldn't have had such an awesome venue in which to expel our inner thoughts, feelings and experiences ... <br />
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GOTTA LOVE the internet ... just GOTTA!

Gotta LOVE the internet!

And how does a nice girl like you find out about a place like that? Hmmmmm? :-)

Well, you're right, we all do - the only problem is - they're so expensive.

Don't even think of them as occupying a higher status than you. Money is a hooker, money doesn't care who owns it. As a general rule, more money equals poorer character.

"Gotta preserve their status." I know you don't believe that. I know you know that THEY believe that. And we both know there's something gross and pathetic about people who are so insecure that they have to flaunt their "status" in the faces of others. They would earn status in my eyes if they were riding bicycles.

Gotta love a girl that's not afraid to emply irony.

Oh my GAWD. Looks like a flattened tank rolling down the street - and lately you see them in Tonka truck yellow! Give me a break.

I just want to ask them: What happened to taste and style??!! Hummers are friggin UGLY!