Blood Sports Sicken Me

I didn't always feel this way. I took it as a given that what's men and some women do around here. Sort of like day follows night and that's just the way it is. Until I got older. Then it occured out of the blue what a hunted animal must feel like, especially a moose. That's the animal of choice to be hunted around here. They have those big, sorrowful brown eyes. And rabbits, oh those rabbits. Around here, they're caught in a snare and left to die slowly. As a
small child, I loved the taste of rabbit. Then when I got older, I had to wonder what I was thinking. How barbaric. And baby seals. Oh what a pity. They're just so gorgeous, again with those heart stopping brown eyes and plump little body. There's been many a movement in recent years to stop the seal hunt totally. But it's mainly fallen on deaf ears. Harvesters of seals are equated with fishermen and hunting seals a necessity for making a living. I disagree. There's must be other means of making a living,one not quite as bloody. And those who like hunting? Get yourselves another sport.
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

These shouldn't even be considerd sports! In what sport do you kill another defenceless creature for fun!

Halalujah!!! someone else who feels like me! leave the animals alone!!!

<p>since I created this group I could not agree more . . . thank you for this story sweetie . . . it is a pathetic way to make a living by taking life . . . worse ever still as a freakin hobby for fun . . . UGH ! ! !</p>