Friendship...For me, it is supposed to be a relationship very special to the heart..It's as important as love..But i realise that i am surrounded by a bunch of hypocrites...I do not say that I'm the perfect one without flaws or whatsoever but I like to be true to myself as well as to others..because I believe that if you're not true to others, you are a hypocrite since you are a different person and thus you're not sincere..I can't believe why things are so...Everyone criticize the other with me...and when we're all together...they all act totally normal...Now how am i supposed to take it?...X says Y is like this and vice versa...but when x and y meet...they talk sweetly, joke and share their views on current issues for example...It's like if they're homeys...Also, I feel being used.....X will always call me when she needs me to buy her stuffs....Its like if I should be always available for her...Its like if I do not have a life of mine...I should always go with certain friends to buy stupid things like a shirt or a perfume....My bro thinks that I'm the one having a problem coz normally when i've got some few shoppings to do like buying a soap or a perfume, I go alone..........and he thinks that I'm really different coz normally girls like to meet and get together to do shopping be it certain stupid stuffs...Whatever....I'm fed up of going with her for minor and trivial things...For example, if she wants to go to the bank also, she wants me to come with her...WtF.....i mean, we're no more kids...There are certain things that we should do alone....Why everytime bring a friend with you???!!!!.....Now, I'm fed up....and i'm no more into this...I've started refusing going out with her for such things and I do not care how she takes it coz I have a life and can't waste my time dawdling!!!!!!!.....I hate hypocrisy and I'm making my own way out of these things....NO...NO MORE HYPOCRISY.....I'LL STAND UP AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE....EVEN IF THIS MEANS THAT I'LL HAVE TO LOSE SOME FRIENDS AND STAY ALONE AT THE WORST...

Lostmermaid Lostmermaid
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1 Response Feb 25, 2009

You are totally right.. I am also going to the same situation with a so called sister.
Sometimes it's just time to speak up!