Moany! Old! Cow!

So I get on the bus the other day, going into town to meet a friend I hadn't seen in years. I'm about 5 stops from getting off the bus when this old lady (around her early 50's) comes up the stairs and sits down. I hadn't really noticed her until I kept seeing her staring at me and this little NEDdy guy at the back of the bus. I was like "Why is she staring at me??" :S A few minutes later she gets up and I didn't notice until she tapped me on the shoulder. I took out my earbud and was like "Can I help you?" and she was like "Could you please turn that down [my iPod] please, it's just that us older generation would rather not hear that?". I just said "OK." still a bit weirded out by her, I watch her go up to the wee guy at the back of the bus with an iPod in and I thinking that that wee guy will just tell her where to go. I see her sit back down and I turned my music down cos she asked nicely and I'm one for voiding an argument if it can be helped. I go back to looking out the window when suddenly I hear this womans voice, plain as anything, shouting over my music. I turn around and there *she* is sitting on her mobile phone, shouting into it like she was that guy from the comedy sketch show with the giant cell phone. I'm thinking this is ridiculous, that I have to turn down my music (which isn't even that loud on full volume considering they're 1pound earphones) but she gets to sit and shout down her phone for the rest of the bus to hear. I turn my music up again, to full volume. A minute later she's glaring at me and I just growl right back. She covers the mouth piece of the phone and comes over to me. She starts ranting and raving at me about how I should respect the older generation and how much she'd lived through (I thought she was going to break out the we-fought-to-keep-this-country-Hitler-free-for-you :|) so I was like "No ones saying you haven't lived through a lot, but...". Then she goes and cuts me off with the whole don't you dare interupt me, I am trying to talk here speech and then goes onto point out that there are signs up *asking* you to be considerate to other while listening to music. If I hadn't as angry as I was I would have probably said something like, "Gee! I hadn't noticed all those signs plastered all over the bus(!) I just thought they were neat little cartoons(!)". By then I'd had it with her, I stood so she'd step back and stop trying to intimidate me by standing over me, and was like, "Yes I see those signs and if anyone else asks me to be considerate I will but I won't be for a hypocrite like you. I won't give you quiet so you can shout down your phone." Then she was like, "If you don't turn that down I'll go and see the driver..." but I was like, "You go ahead and do that cos if you do that then I will complain about you mobile as well. And I promise you if we go down this road I will make sure there are mobile consideration posters all over the buses as well. Now I'm going to put my iPod up to the volume which will cover your phone screeching and if you don't like it tough cos I think most people would rather have you off then me.". The whole top deck of the bus was staring at us so I just smiled at her, sat down and put my iPod back on. She stalke back to her seat and moved down to the front of the bus. It was ashame I had to get off the bus like 2 mins afterwards but it was still worth it. When I got off she was facing the window side so I gave her another smile and a wave, she stuck the vickie up at me. Charming old people, huh? =P She was just a moany, old cow of a hypocrite. The other day I saw an old person with an iPod in and I was like, "Why can't all old people be cool like him???".
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A couple of years ago I would have probably wouldn't have said anything to her and rolled over. I'm glad I have the confidence now cos she deserved to be told. She gives older people a bad name cos most of them are pretty cool, especially the ones I've had the pleasure to sit next to. :)<br />
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I may have thought of cursing if she was but I didn't even want to argue with the woman, she wasn't worth. I'd rather just state my point in a civilised way and if she didn't want to listen and/or wanted to make a big deal out well, that's her problem not mine. I knew I was in the right anyway. =D<br />
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Thanks Crimefridge (such a kool name!!)! ;P That's a pretty hot comment you made there, lolziee =P

Nicely played. Doing it without cursing, that's hot :D

she's a hypocrite alright. one of those "do as i say, not as i do" *******. good for you for standing up to her, it's the only way to deal with those kinds of people.