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The attitude of the adulterous, the child abusing men and women, the lustful women, the ******, the *****, the bastards, the pedophiles... They say they believe in God, they go to church each Sunday, pretending to be "Christians", oh well that would be an understatement since Christians are hypocrites by rule...they hide their destructive lustful sins behind pretty masks sitting there for the show, pretending that they are so innocent... And yet they say they live for some future in God; read this quote and the hypocrisy it exudes in the context of Christian bigotry:

"My philosophy is to forget the PAST - with all its TRIALS and TRIUMPHS -  and to look to the FUTURE - with all its POSSIBILITIES and POTENTIAL - and GOD's PROMISE of ETERNAL LIFE in HEAVEN as HIS FAITHFUL SERVANT !!  The Apostle Paul - 1st Century Missionary and Evangelist and Martyr."

Hypocrites are a constant source of amusement "I am going to heaven, but doing nothing to repent" WTF...wow...

Forget the past, make as if nothing happened, don't face what you have done, just pretend you are all sweet and innocent...never being honest with yourself saying to God "yes this is my sins, I know what I have done"...they want to live for the "future" but do no effort to attain such future, they think they can get eternal life or a bright "saintly" future in heaven just like that...without facing their faults, just pretending that nothing ever happened, that no evil went through their hands...


In order to really have that future, you need to face your faults, and stop acting all innocent when you have not faced what you have done, when you have not came clean to yourself and God...wow...wtf... Christians think they can fool God... Without ever coming clean, without ever being naked before God...without ever submitting themselves to the Truth.


**** them, they are a load of delusional freaks "we are going to heaven, no repentance needed, we are without faults, everyone else is sinful, but not we"... Yeah yeah... You can't bribe anyone at Heaven's gates, they don't work with money there arsehole...they don't care about prestige, they don't care about any egotistic tricks...they see right through you and when they do, let's hope they don't open the trap door beneath your feet leading to hell, instead of guiding you through the gates!!!
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All of us makes mistakes. And of course, being a hypocrite is lying to god. Only god knows how many sins each of us made and our true intentions, and which people are forgiven or not. Not humans. It doesn't mean someone who show off that they repent to god is truly forgiven... It's something in their hearts that only god knows. If in their hearts they truly want to repent, and prove it to god not humans. If you done something bad to some people, seek forgiveness to both god and the people you hurt. If the people you hurt do not want to forgive you, try your best for their forgiveness is true repentance. Then god can finally forgive you too. True repentance is when heart, soul, mind and actions are truly submitting to god, not afraid what other people think of. It is god who has the power to send someone to heaven. Hypocrites are just cowards who don't reveal their true self to others, only god knows their true colours!

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Please read goliathtree's story; it falls into the category of your spiritual interests I promise and is very relevant to this post!!!!!!

No faith I do not think you know what I mean since you cannot fathom why I hate the world in spite of seeing what is happening in the world; which must mean that you like seeing what happens in the world; no like would be an understatement... YOU LOVE all that I hate.

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You would not ask such a stupid question if you had had some profound reality check concerning the world!!!!!!

Christians like the ones you describe are not true Christians. We must be continually repenting in order to grow in Christ and in order to remain in Him and therefore have life after death. Repentance is the most important part since Jesus said "If you love Me, keep My commandments." If we don't repent, we don't have salvation at all because Paul said in Corinthians and Galatians that no evil-doer etc etc will enter heaven.<br />
Please don't assume all Christians are like this. In fact only a few christians are really Christians. Jesus said that the gates to heaven are narrow and the highway to hell is so wide. And there are billions of "christians" in the world, but Jesus said only a few will find that narrow gate.<br />
As for me, I'm trying my best to learn His ways, the holy life. It's so hard, and I admit that I am not perfect, and this is hard for me, but I'm trying my best for Jesus. Please don't assume all christians are Christians. there are only few who truly remain in Jesus Christ. I hope I remain in Him too.

That is what they all say!!!!!!

Yes inuni because they are already forgiven they think that they can do whatever the hell they want LOL

The world is getting uglier and filthier day by day....Morally and socially corrupted individuals who think that its the only " practical" way to survive in the world....******** who believe they can do anything just because they are stronger and powerful than their victims....Scumbags who believe they can get away with anything just because they are powerful and strong and believe that strong can do anything they want to....Hate this ******* disgusting world....

Anyone who seeks to bring someone DOWN is not all that powerful when they just seek a scapegoat for their cowardice.

Well most of the Christians do not even KNOW what they believe in; so I doubt it they could be self-aware enough to know this about themselves!

Yes they keep on lying to be part of the "community" and society and that is exactly their bloody problem, since they fear too much to be outcasts... Since they fear to be honest with themselves, and keep on lying to themselves using outcasts as scapegoats for their flaws instead.

Okay, i'm going to guess that you had some bad experiences with christians. I am going to have to disagree with most of what you say. The people that do abuse and are cruel to people, they don't think they are going to heaven. They are simply lying to continue being part of the community.

I beg to differ, when people have become so good at lying to themselves that they are the only ones that are sane and innocent and everyone else are the true sinners, then they actually believe that they are going to heaven, lost in self-delusion!!!!!!!!