I Hate Hypocrites

First of all thanks for giving me this platform to ventilate.

There are hypocrites everywhere but the worst kind is the one you find in church.  I am not against Christians.  I am one myself. 

I HAD a so-called friend who would lead worship in women's ministries and when she comes to church oh how she would raise her hands and praise God.  Wonderful hand actions.  But if you do not do as she says or suggests, she will treat you as if you were a downtrodden piece of dog's poo.  When she asks you out, you are not allowed to say no.  You are not allowed to say no to anything she suggests.  She calls herself a spirit filled Christian but she tramples on everyone.

I could not take it one day so I gave her the same treatment - I ignored her.  But I am still so angry because so many people are being deceived by her because she can quote scriptures, knows what to say to people, pander up to church leadership and oh recently she wrote a book.  La di da! 

Silly isnt it??  I am the one who is riled up whilst she gets away playing Jezebel!



sickened sickened 41-45 1 Response Jan 21, 2009

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Most of the "christians" on this website are full of sh.t .. the have not clue what the word "christian" means. They are rude, nasty, lie, lie too their mates, lie too everyone...praise how wonderful they are meanwhile they are nothing but liars and fakes. I cannot wait too hang out with people who are positive peeps are positve. I cannot stomach people who crave attention lie and then go pray too god...their are disgusting. I will never live this way ever. I thinks its disgusting.