Today, I posted something on my Facebook about how I'm in a bad mood today. Because, like, that's life, and people don't have good days every day.

I get a response from this girl, we shall call her K- which was basically like " you have no excuse to post your Emo-tard **** here and let it be read by people you barely know and people aren't really equipped to deal with other peoples' depression and you should talk to a therapist and Blablabla...

First of all, I am NOT clinically depressed. I was expressing sadness at that particular time about a particular thing. I was in a bad mood which everybody gets.

I went back through my entries to check the ratio between happy and sad entries. There were many more positive than negative things.

So, I was tempted to argue with her and justify my own feelings, but then I was like don't need to do that. I make the rules on my own page. So I deleted her asinine comment and then I deleted her from my friends list. I do not do stuff like this lightly. Somebody either has to offend me pretty deeply or personally attack me; this did both at once. In addition I had been questioning whether or not I was a big fan of this individual in the first place.

Meanwhile, a friend of mine posted that rather than contributing funds to the current "trending" disease, that she would be contributing double the money to her favorite wildlife preservation charity. K- went ******* bonkers on her, saying that she was being offensive by devaluing human life and she knows someone's dad who died a painful death from ALS and all this other nonsense. Personally I do not see how someone's preferences on which charities to give to could ******* offend someone so personally. Is K- donating to an ALS charity? My guess is no. Hypocrite.

Anyway, then K-'s bf comes in to join in the lambasting, and then another girl whom I also defriended today. WTF!?

Then the same friend posted a pic of herself with skittles saying " diabetes! I wants it!" I wrote a comment saying " this post offends me. diabeetus is srs business" my friend asked me to remove the comment because she didn't want to start ****. So she is censoring her own Facebook for the sake of her over-sensitive **** of a so-called friend. I am glad that same thing doesn't apply to me.
saturnsdaughter saturnsdaughter
31-35, F
Aug 22, 2014