I'm One Too

I think that people are hypocrites at least once in their life, including myself. However, I'm going to talk about people who lie and manipulate and then feel hurt when the same happens to them. 'Turn about is fair play' Right? It's ironic and sad to me that these people are so clueless. So in denial. How do you help these people?

My ex was one of these people. We dated for 5 years and I broke up with him. I was sick of his lies and sick of being depressed in my relationship. But it didn't end well, and that was probably my fault. He was always using and manipulating people until he was done with them and then he would burn the 'friendship' bridge and move on to the next person. He didn't know how to have a relationship with someone. He was bipolar and was constantly telling little white lies to make himself look better. Who was he kidding? He would always talk ****. Always carried a knife and threatened people with it when things didn't go his way. He was all talk. He'd never admit nor realize it himself, but he is a very self conscience person. He hated people who were weak, but is weak himself and doesn't realize it.
Ellyni Ellyni
22-25, F
Nov 11, 2007