Do People Not Know What An Appropriate Prank Is?

This is going to be a rant and I'm sorry if I annoy anyone, but this issue really needs some attention.

YouTube is overloaded with pranks that are not exactly pranks. I swear I can't even laugh at most of the pranks that are done. These pranks are done by so-called friends, boyfriend's and girlfriends who do not really know how to properly execute a prank. A prank is not supposed to be offensive, uncomfortable, or harmful, yet people pay no attention to how dangerous or even consider how the person may react to what some people may think is funny and harmless.

What really set my nerves off for the final time about stupid pranks was when I watched a video of a girlfriend who planned a prank with a bloody tampon. She covered the tampon or some tampon-shaped ob
ject with hot sauce. She preceded outside where her lovely boyfriend was simply reading a book and she waved the tampon in front of his face. Not only did he not find it slightly funny, but he then threw up A LOT. And all he could do was ask her why did she do that. His girlfriend did not even help him. She continued to stand there and filmed him throwing up the entire time and I felt so much pity. I thought this was the worst girlfriend on the entire planet in history. And what's worse is that she put it on YouTube for everyone to 'enjoy'. People made fun of the guy and found it funny. When it comes to the lack of compassion people have on YouTube, that scares me the most. Then again, it's YouTube and that site is not the best place to find mature people anyway.

That was not a prank! A prank should not involve someone throwing up or feeling sick or causing discomfort.

I saw another prank where these low-life boys were hiding between buildings or an alley and they were slinging out water balloons to hit random people on the streets at night. One hit a girl's head when she was simply walking with her friends.

That was not a prank! A prank should not involve offensive contact, not to mention that could have ruined her night. When someone does something wrong to you, and you have no way of settling the score with that person, it's hard to recover. You feel violated and powerless.

Another prank I saw was when a guy was sleeping and his 'buddies' somehow connected his undies to a string that was then attached to a door. Once the door was shut, It gave the guy a bad wedge. 

That was not a prank! A prank should not be harmful! Not to mention a guy's groin area is one of the most sensitive areas on the body. He could have had some bad complications after that. But his so-called buddies didn't THINK about that. it was all about the experience, catching it on video and having a laugh.

Seriously, who needs enemies when you have friends like that?

I just don't get it. People in this day and age have really lost touch of what a prank really is. So, seriously, if you are thinking about pulling a prank on someone, please ask yourself is it safe, could it offend someone, and is it appropriate? And please put the victim ahead of your disgusting needs to be entertained by their misery. *rolls eyes*

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1 Response May 6, 2012

The Highway Scare Prank to me is particularly offensive. If anyone made me think my entire family including my children were going to die they would regain consciousness in a pool of their own blood and see their balls on one of my hands, divorce papers in the other hand then I would shove both into their mouth and sew their lips shut. And I have no respect for his wife who stayed with him after that.