Bitter Much.....o And Ummmm Who Taught You How To Read???????

I recently asked this question in the Q and A section of this site.
Can you tell the difference between a person that's got some form of mental illness and a person that is evil?
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Then under the question I added these details in the section provided for that purpose. I did so in order to clarify what I was asking……
I have my own method of doing so and I am curious to know how others might accomplish that determination. I don't mean making that call about a person after knowing them for a long time. I want to know about how based on first impressions, or a very new relationship, whatever the type of relationship (basically you have limited info about the person), you would make that determination

Even after all of that I still got this from another member
So evil and mental illness are comparable in your mind . That's your first problem not understanding mental illness well enough . To deem that a mentally ill person is hard to differentiate from an " evil " person is quite ignorant and offensive .
People have this theory ( blind fear ) that mentally ill people are violent and dangerous , this is very rarely the case .
I'd be so interested to hear this theory of yours .
No body but a doctor should try diagnose any one to be mentally ill .
So here is what I have to say about all that nonsense:

First of all, I never once said that I was deeming mentally ill people as hard to differentiate from evil people. I simply asked if other people had a way of telling the difference in order to see if people employed the same method as I did. In the details I stated very clearly that I was not talking about making that determination on someone that you know very well. I wondered what people did to differentiate between the two upon first impression or a little, but not much further, into a relationship of any kind. I did not, AT ANY TIME, allude to whether or not I found this difficult in any way shape or form.

Not at any time did I infer or try to impress upon anyone that mentally ill people are violent and dangerous. Those words never came outta my fingers.

Then I was called ignorant and offensive. Not really sure where that came from other than the fact that the person calling me that really is both of those things. To respond to someone’s writing that is up there for all to say, claiming they said things in that writing that are absolutely nowhere in the boundaries of that post, then to argue back with yet one more comment saying “yes you did” (might I remind you that it’s still up there plain as day for all to see and it still did not magically change into what he or she was saying I said) to me shows nothing short of total ignorance and maybe even a little bitterness that needed to be taken out on someone.

I never claimed this to be a theory of any kind. I have done this many times before and I believe it worked for me because…well just because it did.

BUT HERE IS THE CLINCHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the end of this persons tirade I was being accused of trying to diagnose people as mentally ill! WTF???????????????????? I actually am in a position that I could diagnose people if need be. I do have a Bachelor’s in Psych and I am working on my Master’s. Either way, none of that delusion occurred but thanks for having one on my time in my Q and A session that coulda yielded some interesting results yet you ruined it you bitter bitter person.
Word of advice to ya, next time you want to pick someone apart for doing something to offend you, make sure
1. They actually did what you say they did
2. Provide your proof and make sure it is VALID (delusions are not validations)
3. Make sure you read every word they say properly because in all actuality, you sounded really dumb to everyone else.
4. Hell just make sure you read the right post. Seemed to us that you read something totally different cuz what you said I said……well it was totally different.
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Aw come on you guys, I know you have experienced this kind of thing. At least some of you. In fact, I read an interesting discussion not long ago where one member had been so harrassed by just plain out mean vindictive ppl that her feelings were truly hurt. I could sense her pain coming across a computer screen so that musta been bad, It's bitter people such as the one I wrote about and others like him/her that make life a pain in the *** for real people who enjoy humor as well as real life stuff whether it be their experience or reading others. I joined here for the sole purpose of reading and sharing because I find we humans to be very interesting. I do not like nor do I tolerate rudeness of any kind. It is ridiculous to act like that to ppl you don't even know especially when you have absolutely no idea what your even talking about. Ya know?