Illegals Or Not

Because we have so many illegal mexicans and latinos in our country (USA) I don't give a **** if you're mexican or dark skin and a US CITIZEN. If a police man or woman asks for your id or right to be in america,... you give it to them.. if you cannot??? immediate DEPORTATION!!! As an united states citizen, you should have ID on you at all times. This I believe is Important to keeping the united states from spending money for food, housing, or anything elseĀ on people that do not belong here. All illegal people should leave now or give themselves up to be deportated back to where they came from. This is not the land of the invade and steal from hard working people that actually want this country to succeed.
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In order to keep them from coming we need to am mend the constitution to not give citizenship to babies of illegal aliens. We need to pass a law that all illegal aliens aren't allowed to own a home or rent an apartment or to send money back to their country without a social security number. We need to make this country a place that illegal aliens don't want to come to. So people come to this country the right way as citizens.