Big Irony!!!!

 This is one big irony:

1. The US makes international agreements with Mexico and other Latin Americans contries to trade farming products freely through the borders. 

2. Big American corn companies and farming industries start getting a lot of goverment subsidies.

3. Mexican farmers can't compete with US product prices (thanks to subsidies) and millions of workers loose their jobs.

4. Big American companies realize that illigal workers are much cheaper since they have no rights, and they can pay them much less than American workers. They start agressively recruting illigal worker in Mexico using radio and print ads offering them $11 dollars an hour.

5. Millions of Americans loose their safe jobs with decent salaries to illigal immigrants, thanks to companies that used their tax money to become highly profitable while firing them.

6. To gain ratings, Conservative media start pounding the idea that illigal immigrants are dameging American society, to the same people that lost their jobs to illigal immigrants.


To crackdown on Mexicans that risked their lives to come to the US to earn $11 dollars without any benefits or rights while facing discrimination and xenophobia. Meanwhile big American farming companies gets billions out of the process. Way to go!!! 



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5 Responses Jan 6, 2010

You got it all wrong. My post was meant to be ironic and show the stupidity of how this issue is discussed in the US. I'm actually Puertorican and I'm against any measure against immigrants legal or illegal. Actually I'm very progressive and believe that all frontiers should go down. Please read my post carefully before insulting me. AGAIN IS MEANT TO BE IRONIC

she is actually right this country are muts. im not, im a Mexican born in Mexico and living in the U.S. legally. and i like that your pic looks like an mexican warrior, it looks cool dont it. most of those jobs that are occupied by illegals are farm work and field work, i bet you wouldn't want to do that right. i thought so, stop crying because that is not going to change anything.

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