Immature People Drive Me Nuts!

Why cant people just grow up and act there own age! Like i understand in high school you do stupid stuff and have some fun but when you go to college you do not need to act like an immature child 24/7! Like yes everyone has their moments and everyone does stupid stuff in college. But when you are 19-20 yrs old and act like a 10 yr old there is something wrong!! I hate hanging with this girl but she is dating my boyfriends best friend and she makes me so angry! Like straight up no exaggeration she acts and talks like a ten year old. She is known on campus as "o god that girl she is so annoying and immature!" Like come one grow up act your age and get ready for life, because if she stays this way she is gonna get eaten alive. I hate it that I cannot say anything about her or to her because she is with my boyfriends best friend. It makes me so frustrated!!
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3 Responses Aug 9, 2010

Im probably the most immature person.
I do have ADHD(Attention Distracting Hyper Disorder)
Though I cant Hate you for not liking immature people. Sometimes hate myself for being like that.
Thanks for being honest, though.

I still try to be good though!

I agree. I hate immature people!

same here! i hate hate immature people, but im 15 so its REALLY irritating, i mean some guys in my class start burping or fake farting -.- cant wait to come to college<br />
cant you tell her gently that people think she is childish...???