My Top List of Inconsiderate Things

1.       Mow the lawn at 7am

2.       Call you and have nothing to talk about

3.       While waiting like a vulture-like to grab your parking spot, keep you blocked in.

4.       Don’t comment on this fantastic story

5.       Do Not Make Sure To Flush After Humongous Bowel Movement

6.       "wrong hole"

7.       call and hang up over and over, but never leave a message.

8.       flick cigarette butts at your dog, saying "catch, Fluffy, catch!"

9.       Honk horn instead of ringing the doorbell

10.   trim the trees with a chainsaw on Saturday morning at 630am

11.   Allow their dog to sh*t in your yard

12.   Barge into the bathroom without knocking

13.   Cut you off in traffic

14.   Drive slow in the left lane

15.   forget to turn the high beams off

16.   Change channels on you without asking

17.   talk during movies

18.   Pee on the toilet seat then not clean it up

19.   speed up and get next to you when you turn your turn indicator on

20.   Chew with their mouths open

21.   people that don't listen but want you to listen to them

22.   snobs especially the ugly ones

23.   people that forget your birthday  and insist you attend their birthday bash

24.   never apologize when they are wrong

25.   play video games for hours when you want to watch tv

26.   sign up for websites and reveal their yahoo, gmail or aol passwords which sends everyone invites

27.   talk too much

28.   Complain loudly because you have 14 items in the 12-items-or-less line.

29.   don't return phone calls

30.   Fail to say "thank you" after a gentleman opens the door for them

31.   Borrow your car, use up your gas and don’t replace it

32.   Decide to look for money at the END of the checkout line

33.   Fart in the elevator

34.   Talk loudly on a cellphone in a restaurant

35.   Show up drunk every time you invite them out

36.   Write a check for one item then act surprised when it is denied

37.   Leave Giant Booger Globs In Public Places

38.   Marry you, knock you up, clean out your bank account, take off without a trace

39.   Splash water all over the bathroom then not clean it up

40.   beat mimes to see if they pantimime screaming

41.   Breathe my air

42.   Call you inconsiderate .

43.   Go home with you then rob you in the morning without leaving a note

44.   Sneeze on you

45.   Hang up on you

46.   Remove Do Not Remove Tags From Items  lol

47.   Act like your in-laws and criticize you about everything...from cooking to sex

48.   Get in my way

49.   Sexist

50.   Bad breath

51.   Body odor

52.   Don’t tip the waitress

53.   Unscrew the salt shaker in a restaurant

54.   Cuss in front of your children

55.   Send hundreds of chain text messages to your phone that say if you care about me…blah blah blah

56.   George Bush

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4 Responses Mar 27, 2009

When people leave EP, their comments may also vanish. I am in the habit of talking to myself but, this is not one of those instances.

...Four months later.

Did you really comment on your own story...?

you've said a mouthful. I concur.