Escaped From India

I'm Indian & I absolutely hate that country, after 20 years of hell I finally rid myself of that place & escaped to Canada. But believe it or not the Indian scum I've already met here are telling me to maintain indian culture here & not to mingle with or trust other races. Bastards! If they want to maintain their precious "culture" return back to their shithole instead of sponging off Canadians!
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i totally agree i do love my land for what it was and things it is known for but the people in india has made her like a spider's web to those who dont agree with their terms and with great pain i would say it is unsafe living in india.looking foward move to a safer and peaceful place.

Good i like it

Hey. I too wanted to goto canada and escape india as soon as possible. I need some advice on this. Plzz help me brothers and sisters. I'm trapped here!!!!! Contact me through facebook on .

Indians are sub standard life. You people are making other countries hell by going there.

Hey,I hate this society just as much as you do.I want to escape it too.Can you tell me how you went to Canada?

I completely agree with you !,if people there are so concerned about India,then,they should comeback into the nation of their origin,BTW,just a matter of couple of months,I'll meet you in Winnipeg,Canada .I love people & nation India,but,I hate the systems followed in India,till the very core,& also the the uncultured uneducated people of India,Sorry,many people will hate my comment,but,facts are facts .

I see how much you hate INdia. You've stayed in India for 20 years. Now you should hate your body cause it has got so much of indian blood inside of it, you'd be better of doing us a favor and committing suicide.

I agree. It is **** and I feel cheated to born here.

Altho i wouldnt use such harsh words, i hate indian culture just as much. They say the west lacks culture but India with its intolerance, foulmouthed, rude, respect-less, racist narrow minded citizens who have abslolutely fukd up political and personal priorities and meaningless superiority complex are going down the dumps. Their denial of truth and blind attack to any criticm is just pushing them backwards to medieval era. India is a beautiful country and USED to have a high culture among contemporaries. But thats all the thing of past, now indian culture is so filthy with the ugly castism and sexism and resistance to change. Calling their culture gloriuos is as laughable as Kim Jong un declaring that he is too holy to have a butt hole.

I also hate India. Because, Indians are changing to follow American culture, while Americans are changing to follow Indian culture.

Bro it's **** mentality no American is becoming like an Indian India is a rotten country full of protests and useless ****.....


Did the rigjt thing mate no one want to live in a country like to that

dude! :-/ just give me a simple reason why you hate india? bring on all you have let me get the image sharper for you

reservation quota

corruption ,wont encourge talent without bribe



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Completely agree with your observations and comments that these ********, so eager to maintain their culture, should return to their respective countries and retain their culture their. If you ever have the misfortune of going to Vancouver and a sub-city named Surrey, you will feel that you never left India. These racists also love to stay at the same place.

The Indian culture is literally a piece of ****. Indians are racist, sexist, materialist bastards who judge people based on their race and money. Indians make me sick to my stomach. Indians are ugly on the inside and outside. They are ******* animals.

Talk about being racist...Don't you feel like a hypocrite to be calling Indians racist while you are acting like the most racist jerk on the planet? And no, they are not all sexist. There are sexist bastards in every country, not just in India. I am an Indian and I'm not sexist or racist at all. I appreciate every race and respect both genders, and maybe you should do the same!

i'm in britan and i hate inidans omg bad smell,culture,ect.ect,,,,,,,,,

Well, people like you will be respected neither in India or in Canada. Face the truth. You change your country and contribute to it to make it better. It would be too easy if all you had to do was run away. God! Hard to believe that you're a grown guy. Your like a liitle child who is dazzled by a glimse of something flashy. No wonder, the Western people are tired of Indian immigrants who Have little respect for their own heritage and can do anything for a green card. Good day to you. You belong nowhere.

Hey it is easy to say this **** when you are not actually expriencing this. Indian culture and heritage is **** you know their are social caste which cause one to be suprior to the other people are too feminists here they dont give a **** about their fellow Indians they hate each other youth have no scope here even if you want to be in police you have to give bribe first and if you call police for help at night they wont show up no traffic rules they have no proper rules accident occur like every seconds ************ amd I can go on for all day but I think this is enough to explain why people in india want to escape that ****

Are you serious, no freaking guy can change this country. That is utter bullshit

Im an Indian girl... ran away from that **** hole and married a serbian... spent 20 yrs of my life in that **** hole where i was labelled a **** in my college for having a boy as my best freind and an even bigger **** when i started smoking. ... not to mention i was financially broke and lost my father and the stress of my family life was breaking me down emotionally and mentally and took up smoking as a no way out ... but to the ******* it was more of an issue that i was smoking and had a boy as my freind than me losing my father and being broke... not only that ... always was a rebellious girl .. did what i felt like... never was obsessed with white people ... im dusky and 5ft 9 inches tall.... actually very beautifull. ... and all my life ******* ***** came up to my face and told me , humiliated me that i was an ugly girl because i was "too dark"... never appreciated.. came to canada for a degree in masters in engineering from university of toronto .. and for the 1st time was told by so many people including my husband that i was absolutely beautiful ! ... and the scumbags back home made me have ten thousand kinds of comlexes for who i was. ... ! ... went to school and college in that **** hole and was always bullied by the faculty who had such an ego ... i ended up telling one of the faculty who wrote a wrong formula in class that his formula was wrong... he had such a bull ego .. he tried to fail me for that !!! i swear to my mother ... i hate that ************* miser people of that country . ... i no more associate with people of that country . my freinds are all chinese, japanese, canadians, serbians, sri lankans and 1-2 russians. ...... but indians??? not even 1 ! .... even when i made the mistake of taking an indian landlord here in canada. ... ******* ***** was so miserly that she took me money and refused to turn on the heating in ******* -40 and warm the water properly in the god damnit cold to save money on power !!!! ... insanity !!!! .... and i spent the winter freezing in ******* -30 taking showers with semi warm water and suffering due to a genetic cold allergy !!! . indians????? over my dead body !!!!!

You're speaking the absolute truth and it's time the world woke up to it. My evil Indian stepmom brought me to India apparently for higher education (grew up in Middle East and kept away from rotten Indians there) while backstabbing me by making it hard for me to study with no monetary or emotional support at all - making it impossible for me to go out of India and ruining my life as well. All the while my evil relatives and my own Dad knew what was going on and didn't even raise a finger.

17 years I've been suffering in this shithole and found out all this only recently because they were all so evil and in cahoots.

Thanks to the internet the truth about the majority of Indians and Indian culture will be exposed at least, I hope. People who want to ignore realities and sugarcoat everything notwithstanding.

You may be a Canadian citizen, but your color, your behavior, your ancestry will always be Indian. Oh, along with that your poor abilities .. Calling people names ... is that the best an intelligent person can do? Bishal67 is right. You are pathetic and useless. Better rid off ... If you had any intelligence you would have tried to make things right as much as possible. It will not be long before you will kicked out of Canada with the attitude and level of your intelligence you have ... ans..satyan !!!

Kicked out of Canada? Really? By who? You? If you can not appreciate what the word freedom means, then you are useless and pathetic. What would make things right for her? Remain an Indian and behave like one being in Canada? Why are you even in this forum? Someone pays you to do this?

Oooooh ... I am shaking ... Who are you to ask anything? You are nothing but a pathetic goon.

Canada is made up of immigrant people no one is really native there cause people who are called born canadians are ancestors of britishers so your comment is dumb as **** and invalid if you got PR you are a Canadian and no ****** can blame like you biatch

Ones genes can never be changes, but it is not about indians as a race. Please dont kid yourself and say that indians are one single race. I digress. Indians as a culture that may include a freaking white indian too, if they were brought up in an average indian household

And who the hell are you?..
some "Kingfisher" drinking muscular Indian...who thinks that he or she is way too smart..
**** off

I fully agree and understand what have you gone through dear...being someone whose entire ******* existence has been tortured in this ravaged hellhole called india for the past 25 years of my existence by almost everyone except my mother..and who now is preparing to leave this Shitland once and for all to settle in some civilized land..I fully realize the Gravity of what have you gone through..
indians are bastards....pieces of ****..pieces of turd..i have been bullied, exploited..abused in both school and college for the past 20 years..and the reason..
because i am not "Masculine" enough,,i can't drive..i have mild autism....i have dyslexia...that i am good in English and social sciences...that i often eat way too much..just for everything...every ******* single thing... it never mattered to them that i am a good human being..that i write poems..that i always speak with honesty..and i have cried silently for nights prolonged and nearly ruined my college education....fucktard Indians are racist, sexist hypocritical ********...all of them should go and die......

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if you hate india so why dont you blow our country up by the canadian forces......? no, you dont have the green card to do so?

I am canadian citizen Dickwad. i left india long time back .

Hate does not lead to wanting to kill and blow up, unlike the typical indian/pakistani/ sri lankan mentality

Lexusboy600, i didnt wait to read all the **** u wrote, but i get a gut feeling you're full of ****. It looks like the best part of u, ran down your momma's crack and ended up as a stain in the toilet. i think u've been cheated. i agree, India's full to the brim with unrealistic mother*******s like yourself, but come on? we were not a deomcracy untill the Brits and other western countries decided to capatalise and colonise India. If India was so poor from the very start, why the hell would capatalist countries like yours take an interest to colonise India?
The fact of the matter is India is soooo ****** up right now, and you're the one to blame. U're the ones who looted and sucked on us like a lynch for two-*******-hundred years! Imagine how much wealth could have been stolen by u disgusting ***** of amphibian ****!?
Nobody cares, fork over the dough!

India at the time when britishers looted was divided among small kingdoms and each kingdom was ruled by it's own people and the fact that britisher looted india because of timber some gold and other wealth even if britisher didnt looted india it would be still be **** because of it old mentality of **** eaters like you

India was not even supposed to be one country. India is like a big joint family of states where the Mother In law(Center) bosses over all her sons and Daughter in laws and tells them- dont even dare to move out, now my house is your house, you are under my mercy and you play by my rules.

And they also never answer to how brutally they have committed cold blooded Genocide of more than 100 million Places as varied as Punjab, J &K. Hyderabad, North East, etc...******* terrorists Rapeindians...

here comes another ungrateful Indian piece of turd born premature as a result of His father anally ******* his know why India exist today as an entity....its because of the Awesome Brits who unified the subcontinent and brought to us Modern science, education , industry and infrastructure... but since you are an illiterate ********** would know nothing..

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This guy Lexusboy600 fits the message that Mark Twin said:


Moral, leave this ******* **** alone .... This mother ****** deserves never to set foot on Indian soil again. One less dumb head is better .... After all, it was one Hitler that caused so much damage. This nappy brush head deserves to be kicked out of the country.

Canada ..... Yes, it looks great. Just till you want to go to the doc. One of my friend's husband had a serious condition that needed an operation. He was told to wait for 2 years. He came to USA and got the operation done. Let this ****** go to the hospital with his brown neck and god damn accent and attitude, his brown *** will be ****** by the Royal Canadian Police ....

Lol **** eater

I want to escape too...

But I think US is 1000 times better than canada

Enjoy being a slave...

**** this absolutely ridiculous country hater ... soon he will do the same thing to Canada too.

Kick this scum, ****** *** hole out of your country before this stink spreads and contaminates a decent country like Canada.

This mother f..... will do anything to anyone ....

Only thing you represent is the your own demented brain ... India is good to be rid of you.

YOU are the one who sounds like a sick hater

Yes, to people like you ... That is the only way to treat you scum of the earth.

Look, first of all, let's not tar every Indian with the same brush. I agree, India itself is a country that is a swamp of rotting faeces. I'm a British born Indian with a broad Lancashire accent. I have several white friends and have no problems in mixing. Indians from India are of a certain breed. They do have deficient social and language skills. I know an individual that makes you want to scream everytime you are near him. He lacks the social grace befitting western society. India is not a world dominant force. If itspent the same on social welfare as the UK did then it would be bankrupt. Nothing works in India, it is socially inert and corrupt. It is a filthy place and my Shame that my parents came from there.But, a big but, let us not pander to racists.

I agree with your comments. But I read pretty soon, Britain will be joining the list of developing countries !!! Did you know Japanese have big time accent and still without any of their own resources .... they are 3rd strongest economy in the world. They love their country.

India has been independent only for 60+ years. When British left, there were only 5% literacy and now it exceeds 70%. Middle class now is comprised of 60% households from non existent before. I will take time. Countries with people that like and respect their own always prosper.

What ever you and me are, still not natives ... you are born there but your heritage will still be Indian and everyone knows that.

Britain is virtually a police state in my opinion.

I cannot deny myself that Inia has many flaws but these Indians are worthless people who are all talk and no action. They are just lazy abusers who belong to neither side of the world.

60+ years is a freaking long time. Stop making excuses for the snail speed progress. India is nowhere near a super power. You will know it and mourn it when you travel and if you are willing to make an honest conclusion

I just felt a bit disappointed at how you think it's a shame that your parents came from India. I think you should be proud that they came from India...not because it's a great country but because it has challenged your parents in ways you will never understand. They overcame those challenges and shifted to the UK for a better life for themselves and for you so be proud that your parents came from India because that shows how capable they are.

Also I forgot ... Don\'t your adopted country call you as \"MUD N...R\" ... Congratulations on the step up !!!

Maybe, but that is better than being raped like a street *****

People like you can only sit back and complain. You are sadly misinformed. You're the kind of person who will abuse but not take action. Congratulations on your Lancashire accent and white friends. Judgemental freaks like you are a disgrace to our country. Honey, do you have 'the social grace befitting western society?' In case you did not study Geography, India is in the Eastern part of the world.
So tell me do you Western Indians shun each other because the other is from india?

There is no need to judge a persons social skills. Many poor indians are victims of the 'glorious indian culture' they are born to. Remember that if you were in their place, you could be worse than them. Have some shame and stop bragging about your accent. Noone cares about it and the skin colour of your friends or the 'class' you talk about. There is a line between a critic and a sociopath. I am willing to bet you have no real friend indian or white who will not talk **** behind ure back about your personality. Do yourselves a favour and go get some help

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yeah i understand what you mean - ive heard alot about the culture and its not something that i like very well - its just the way they treat women and girls - not a very bright country to live in - i would never go there to live

& the way they treat children. Child labor is very popular even though it's illegal,but then again there is no crime in India that can't be overlooked with a cheap bribe. It's pathetic.

Oh yah, one must be blind to think women are better treated in other countries !!!!! ....

are you an Indian loving Troll!!!!!!!??

For all you Indian patriots out there,here's my take on your national anthem:
"India is my Toilet. All Indians are Bastards & *******. I Hate my country & I am Sick of it's Disgusting & Worthless heritage. I shall always strive to be Unworthy of it. I shall give my Parents, Teachers & all Elders complete Disrespect & treat everyone with Contempt. To My Country & My people I Pledge my Hatred. In their Pain & Suffering Alone lies My Happiness!"
Let the comments flow...

Dis you call your parents bastard? did you call your self bastard? Wow! You need counselling. You will die alone with only cats to give you company. You are unworthy of anyone's love. disrect you elders. You are absolutely right. You don't belong here.

Feel sorry for you dude. You are certainly mentally challenged.

congratulations you made i'm trying hard

Thanks! Keep trying,you can make it:-)

Bird of a feather flock together, meaning you will go with people you feel comfortable with, maybe other Indians or asians. Interracial marriages do work but with some difficulties.

I agree.But I certainly don't feel comfortable among my own race especially those from Kerala,they are the biggest back-stabbers & scoundrels from that subcontinent. When you're there (Kerala) they treat you like you're their sworn enemy even if you're a stranger,but when you go abroad like US/Canada/Middle East they treat you like you're their best friend (though they'll still stab you in the back)

i dont know what to say.... But the fact that u have indian flesh and blood is still gonna doom u rest of ur life.. Yes Indians are inferior than these canadians americans and eu's etc. cos of past colonizatin and secnd wrld war.. U knw britishers designd the constitutional system in India so as keep us that way.. Ths country is corrupt and you went to canada wth that label .. So indeed they r gonna refr u inferior corrupt and other names by whch they rfr india.. Soon ur gonna b suffering frm depression and lots of complexs.. I tellng ths cos a freind of mine went to england and after a year or two later he came bck running to India. And to ur surprise he had similar views lyk urs before leaving.... :)

So it appears you've already decided my fate for me, Mr.god & I presume you must still be stuck in India? First of all England is far more xenophobic than Canada cause of the terrorist issues & even a relative of mine returned back like you said,secondly I'm a permanent resident of Canada with my family & I've sold all my assests in India to come here so even if nuclear war breaks out in North America,I'll never go back to that shithole of a subcontinent. It all depends on one's perspective on life,I grew up in the UAE & was forced by my parents to go to India for so called 'higher sudies' (hmph) & ended up serving a 20-year prison sentence.That's 20 years of life wasted! Would you want to go back to prison if you got out? In Canada the rudest people are still immigrants & White people have been immensely courteous (& helpful) to me. I absolutely do not have the stereotypical immigrant attitude of 'maintain culture at all costs' as I hate multiculturalism. It's the White people who brought us here out of their generosity & we must always respect that & treat them like hosts just as they treat us like guests.I've had my fair share of discrimination here in Canada,but I don't blame them as I would've done the same thing in their shoes & at least they do it with a smile! unlike the rude Indians!
Regarding your prognosis of my mental status,I was at the height of depression & on the brink of death before coming to Canada & now I'm all better:-) You're indeed a victim of fate & I'm sorry for you (sarcasm)

boy u have a thing for whiteys dont u? i know u r trying hard to be accepted into white society but just dont blow/ kiss their ***** too much. I thinnk ****** indians like you are the ones making that country look bad. Well not my problem thou

Yeah i know indian laws are said to be amongst the most lenient laws throughout the world.... Gettin 20 years imprisonment in such circumstances shows the picture....... Comin from a UAE to get higher studies in india.....right they must hve kicked u out of their educational system to end up here.......... nd what u did coming here either murdered somebody or gang raped a women and then murdered her cos even rape has a 10 year s of prison here....... So Mr. Devil now you end up in Canada with a thick skin devoloped with help of Indian prison which is helping you get over all the racism over there as admitted by you........ Dont know how come they allowed a person with such a big criminal back ground to work there o_O ........ probably workin as a janitor or a clerk something.......I am a victim of fate because my dad is a mentally retarded person and its not india to be blamed........:) Anyways Nice to know you are on the right track of the life now and i feel good for you...cos after 20 years of prison youre life was hopeless in India.

India has a culture? Like a bacterial culture? Only culture of this place is corruption. Even vultures are extinct in India, so you can imagine who ate them.

I thought you were dumb ... But I was wrong. You are dumber ... Anyone that thinks people abroad have culture is simply plain headed. Nothing in there !!

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Sigh still trying to escape

Your username says a lot...I suggest first changing it, then life should get better:-)

Look who is talking ... a Indian hater that lives in Canada and likes a Japanese car ... and he has ability to teach !!!! Do what he did and you will have similar fate of this stupid bone head. Looser will be looser every where ... But at least you show your emotion. Not hide in a foreign country and like another one ... Instead of buying Canadian, he likes Japanese.
If you listen to suggestions from guys like this who will sell their mother for a penny ... your fate is sealed as well.

It is nothing unique to be a country hater ... why like the country that supported you *** hole to grow up and gave opportunity to become what you are. Liking one does not have to mean hate another.

After staying some more time in Canada, you will see the same thing about Canada too. Don't worry, Canadians say the same thing about you. You are an ******* .. if not to you directly, behind you and laugh at your expense.

I am glad India got rid of scum like you. I have been in US for quite sometime. People who cannot value their heritage cannot belong anywhere.

Don't judge Canada if you're not in Canada & if you don't like the US then get the hell out & go back your precious shithole India. I may be an ******* but then again so are you & that country didn't support me when I was growing up,I was in the UAE. You & everyone else can laugh at my expense,but do you think I give a ****? I'm not the only Indian in the whole of North America. Peace of mind is what matters in life, not heritage.

I understand you. I am Swedish and the immigrants here **** the living **** out of me because many of them don't want to learn our language, follow our laws or respect our customs. If you don't agree with the Swedish way of life move back home. I'm not wasting my tax money on you.

I have nothing against immigrants who come to work, who learn the language and who are open with interacting with others.

You're absolutely correct as that's what I feel. There are similar people in Canada & one gets the feeling that they are trying to convert Canada into another India or China,take your pick. The Whites are at fault for giving them too much freedom which has turned out to be a bad thing. One must always accept & try to adopt the culture of the country that has hosted them instead of trying to impress their filth on others. White people are just too tolerant which is both a positive & a negative unfortunately.

hey take it easy!

I have an Indian heritage too, and I'm Canadian. I know what you're saying about the differences in culture. But that's what it is, two different cultures. One cannot change the other completely. There's got to be a middle ground.

Indian culture isn't all bad. Why do people all over the world desire Indian men and women? It's the culture they admire and respect. Something lacking in many places all over the globe.

WTF?! What do you mean by people all over the world desiring Indian men/women! Indians/Pakistanis/Bangaldeshis/Srilankans are widely acknowledged are the dirtiest/rudest humans on the planet,even most Blacks are better than them.

You're blind and your self loathing is plan to see.

Actually my eyes are wide open,I can see through all the lying/cheating/backstabbing habits that Indians are experts at.Even my immediate relatives have turned their backs on me because I managed to escape that miserable place unlike them.

When she is calling names on all Indians that have emigrated, you are included too ... May be you like it. Your dumbness allows you to be subservient to Caucasians. There were people like that in India too that worked for the British as police. One does not change just by changing places ... You still are an Indian ... but with a big distinction .. YOU STINK AND ARE A DISGRACE TO WHERE EVER YOU ARE !!!!

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i agree with you and still disagree.if u think deeply u would find out tat you spend 40 years in states and one single act of major law breaking happens for which some abc indian is responsible they'd start singling out and deporting u or would hate u enough to make u leave.u can not change ur identity.tats sad but thats true

That's the US, not Canada:-)

I think patriotism is a moral disease.
We all must start thinking ourselves as inhabitants of planet earth, and not to be self pigeonholed in a nationality.
Everyone has the right to choose the culture they want to belong, it's nobody's fault to be born in a certain country, and therefore, being forced to be patriot.
So I'm totally agree with you.

There has to be a REASON for being patriotic,for example in US/Canada you may be grateful for the quality of life/freedom of expression etc,but in the case of a Third World country like India,there's nothing! All those so-called Indian patriots are deluded, thay are fighting for a lost cause as that country is regressing back to the stone ages.Outsiders get the impression that it is progressing but the truth is, the rich are getting richer but with no way to enjoy their money & the poor are getting poorer due to the increased cost of living & no rise in income.

I believe you mean racism instead of patriotism. He's from India and other people in his ethnic group are trying to force him to celebrate Indian culture due to his ethnicity. As a Chinese myself nothings annoys me more than when I see people immigrating from HK/China to here in Canada but show little respect or understanding of Canadian culture. If people want to celebrate their own racial culture they are more than welcomed to move back to China or India. Canada is for loyal Canadian immigrants.

I fully agree with you. I left that **** hole 42 years ago. Never regretted it. I also live in Canada. As you already know, that our PM went to India to drum up trade between two countries. Instead of discussing trade issues with our PM, these Indian **** heads took him to a movie!!!!. Not only that, they took PM & his wife to a temple & REMARRIED THEM !!!!. These Indians think, that they are the most spiritual souls in the world!!!.
Instead of trying conquer space, these stinkers should be cleaning their streets & surroundings. A country is a reflection of its society. WHAT A COUNTRY INDIA IS..................

Fantastic! A fellow hater! You're absolutely right, I don't understand why white people are so fond of those bull **** Indian traditions. Just like immigration minister Jason Kenney said "Canadians are too polite". I've also noticed that there is too much ethnic freedom given by the Govt towards immigrants in Canada, as a result of which they are 'polluting' the country with their so called traditions. I'm sure the politicians are well aware of this & they are not going to let these scum sully their beautiful country with their filth.
I'm grateful to Canada & have every intention of respecting THEIR CULTURE & not practicing my own, even though I never really did practice it even when I was there & I'm never leaving Canada even if it's going to get nuked!
There's so much to say but not enough listeners :-(

Thanks for asking! Where do I start? Firstly the infrastructure, the lack of cleanliness, inadequate pay, worthless taxes etc. Then the people- rude,rude & rude!, unclean, backstabbing (even own blood), cheating etc. I hate the filthy arranged marriage concept, they way they celebrate a guy going to **** a girl like it's a national holiday with all the facy spending. I pity all the rich losers in that place driving in their Mercs & BMW's on those filthy roads, in that filthy environment for the rest of their wortrhless existence being arrogant bout what? The fact that you have a million languages, why? Most of all the thing bout Indians going to other countries & practising groupism, trying to preserve their so called "culture" while disrespecting the culture of the very nations that they live in... It's endless actually.

u pity the rich losers..jackass who the **** are u to pity the rich losers..if they are rich it means they've already done much better that u..much better than u in a place u call a i won't defend india..i would like to talk about u..i mean at least before u talk about a country and the world u should introduce urself don't u mr successful.. how is it that ur parents were able to force u to come to india for higher studies..if ur so strong and open minded..u could have just left after a year..but no u kept getting ****** for 20 years..i think that's a classic trademark of a loser.. so let's say ur bathroom is dirty..the next thing u do is move out of the house and then crib about how dirty ur bathroom was to those around u..cause if that's what u do ,ur an escapist..and yes i mean living in some other country get's a lot more easier when u treat everyone there like ur least that's what ur statements "the white people should be more strict"..they should control the inferior class..that's not new by the way..see one way of stopping others from making fun of u is if u openly declare that yes ur the biggest ******* in the world..well then no one has got anything to go on that's what u've done..completely surrendered and now in bliss..well that's not the way respectable persons behave..they fight ..they defend and they do it until the others give them their due respect..but u have none i guess..i'm not defending india..for all i know it could be the most ****** up place on earth..i'm talking about u now.. and i'm sure u must have been a big loser when u were in india..because that much of hatred does not simply develop if you are in a bad place..that kind of hatred my dear boy develops when u've failed at something and are trying to find an explanation which doesn't end up declaring that ur an *******..many foreigners come to india some like it some hate it..but i guess they don't hate india as much as u do..and u do it cause u failed big time during ur stay enjoy ur asylum in canada..cause i'm sure that country has been built up by men more stronger that who took it upon themselves to build their country(ofcourse they didn't realise that people like u would come there spread all the dirt)..get clean..and then brag about things in which they were never involved in the first place..yes canada is a heaven..but sure as hell it's getting dirtier by the day because of idiots like u.. maybe one day u'll move to europe and then start **** talking about canada..cause that's what u do when u take it easy pretty one in india is dying to see u for me i love both india and canada equally well..i do realise the shortcoming of india..but at the same time i can see people more hard working and resilient than u trying to change the country for while ur in canada atleast don't declare yourself as an indian(hell don't even declare yourself as a human ,just wear some funny dress..if u don't already look funny enough)..cause u'll give them a impression that every indian there would lick their feets like u do.. and please pardon me if i made some mistake in the english above otherwise u'll start cribbing about it too.

What a long reply to someone who hates a country of backstabbers and child labor. What are you trying to prove?

I've had a similar life to lexusboy but I'm still stuck in India after 18 years. Grew up in UAE and got dumped in India and neglected. And because of people like you I didn't realize what my own family members were doing to me till recently. You act as though everything is perfect in India. Perfect for you!!!

You probably have fair skin, rich parents, not a female, both your parents alive, etc. If any small thing his wrong or missing in your life a flock of Indian vultures including your family members will come and pick you to pieces.

You call lexusboy600 a loser. Guess what, you'd be too if you weren't so lucky.. Maybe he is a bit deluded about Canada... but he still speaks the truth that cold hearted hypocrites like you always seek to hide for the personal benefit of people like yourselves.

holy moly bro..... super impressed ..u hit the nail on the head buddy....nothing is normal in india...ppl are immoral, no love for humanity or humans in general...uncivilised is the word....actors and cricketers earn millions coz these ****** indians dont have any other interests ..yeah more so coz they lack the balls to do stuff on worls level.....and oh yes the fair skin dilemma whe more than 80% of the country is dark..and less than 5% is fair... a**hole film stars promote beauty products..shame on them.... well t sum it all up heres the word:- **** HOLE

What is it about indian culture that you dislike so much?