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Maid faces prison and deportation Tuesday 12 Apr, 2011


A housemaid who ran away from her employer when her boss refused to accept her resignation has been sent to an immigration prison in Dubai.

The Filipina mother-of-one gave one month’s notice to her Emirati employers at the beginning of the year after she claims she was subjected to mental abuse and forced to work 16 hours a day, seven days a week - but was told she 
could not leave.  

7DAYS reported last month how the 42-year-old fled the family’s villa and sought refuge at the Philippines Overseas Labour Off­­ice, which pledged to fight her case against a visa ban imposed by her emp­loyers and Dubai Nat­uralisation and Resid­ency Depart­ment.

But yesterday, the distraught worker was taken to the Al Wasl immigration holding prison where she will remain until she is deported.

Speaking to 7DAYS, as she waited for the bus to take her to the cells, she said: 
“I tried to do everything the right way - I asked in writing to leave my employers after three years and they would not allow it. I had no choice. All I want to do is work hard for a good family. Now I have to go back with nothing. I can’t stand to tell my family in the Philippines, they rely on me for financial support.”

White Horse, the recruitment company that placed the maid, said it tried to bargain with her employers to remove the ban. Company manager Ziyad Al Zureiqi said: “I spoke with her employer and said I would give him a new maid if he would remove the ban.

“He said he would think about it. I have not been able to contact him since. She should not be given a ban because she worked her contract.”

Consul General for The Philippines in Dubai, Benito Valeriano, told 7DAYS there is nothing he can do to help the woman: “She has been listed as an absconder... we can’t do anything - this is the system here.”



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