Recently I lost my mother who died painfully and sudden. My story begins about a man who is so Evil that Lucfer has him I am sure in his back pocket! Well he and mother were nothing more than close friends(SO WE THOUGHT!!!!) !3 years worth!  After my mother died I find out he got her to some how give up her land to his name, On the morning she that she had to be rushed to the ER he did not even call ambulance ! She used her last strengh to call me six miles away to call! My mother as not even dead 6 hrs when I went to her house to get ID and something to wear so she could be creamated. The suprise I got was he locked gate and had people I did not even know guarding house so I could not get in to my mothers room. He called cops trying to have myself and my daughter arrested for trespassing! I was in shock! He told me that I was not going to get anything! And the cops arrived saying I had no rights! Even though I am her only living child and heir! My mother was also storing some of my own personel property and I was not allowed to have those things ether! I am poor so I could not afford a lawyer and he knew this! Stole her dog too! I did not pay a bill so I could file in small claims court and with receipts the judge sided with him as he lied in court and said that he bought everything. And also claimed to the cop that day he bought everything in house another lie when my other had owned 95% of property in house! He has gotten away with a mutitude of crimes ! Morally legally etc. I am powerless! I quailfied for legal aid only to be told in putnam county,fl that no lawyers were to be had and my rights have been trampled and I am the victim,but they take his side! These are things of my mother that go back many generations and I can never replace! He has ripped my soul apart! He is a predtor of ederly women! he now sucking up to a 101 year old widow under the same quise he used on my mother and great aunt! He breaks the law and lies like secound nature! I can get no help and I feel quite alone ! She was a great woman very loving and kind it is not right that this evil man DON CHARLES OLIVER AT 506 Lake Lucy Circle, Interlachen,Fl. 32148 Yes i want every one to know and read my grief! This experience happened in the county of putnam fl. Interlachen is the town! I am exposing this man so no other women can be taken advantage of !!! I may never see my mothers dog or personel things again or mine for that matter!!!
alexsports58 alexsports58
Jul 12, 2011