Social Networking Offer No Help

Life can be boring if you are single, hard if you have family with young children and sad if you have to stay at home all because you don't have friends. I have worked for more than twenty-five years, with families, children and community and feel we are all living in a world of isolation.

Its sad to see family disintegration, single parents suffer in isolation and children lost in the wilderness. Isolated families, with no support and are finding life harder to cope. The credit crunch, unemployment and lack of support from the government are making life harder for everyone living in this planet. Social network in the internet offer no help to people who need to interact, communicate and find friends to seek their support.

I feel we must create a group to integrating families, help children to grow in a safe environment and singles to find an opportunity to meet their aspiring partner. It is sad to see young men and women spending money to find partners, young parents with children isolated in their home and our parents (OAP) isolated in their house.

Understand the difficulties and hope we can help you to create a community near you that cares, help support and love one another. Family with children try to find children to play with, widower or sphincter feeling lonely at home.

I feel people who lost their jobs and business men are now feeling it very hard to cope due to credit crunch because they did not socialise with local people other than their business associates.

I am interested in finding out what you have to say about this so-called "Social Network" which offers nothing in return to people who need support and help.

Medifix Medifix
46-50, M
2 Responses Mar 15, 2009

I have had people on EP thank me for helping them in their situation, with advice and understanding; so from personal experience I think EP at least can help people. I see others' comments that indicate that as well. Mind you, I think that EP is a fairly unique site, whose format allows this...

I believe EP can be described as "Social Networking" and I think it relieves a lot of loneliness out there.