Just Shut Up

My trolls are the worst, in fact they completely miss the point when it comes to trying to argue with me and just dismiss it as "sperging".

They also have a tendency to just insult me based on looks alone and claim such bullspit as accusing me of being gay/lesbian/whatever the crap they think I am (newsflash morons: I'm bisexual), comparing me to Chris-Chan (Ugh. I GET it already. Can we move on?) and claiming that I do nasty things to animals (I don't....I maybe a furry but i'm NOT that sick, it's a stupid stereotype.) or am a plushophile (Grow up, please.)

I'm not going to match this one troll's name but she is incredibly persistant, she has this creepy stalker obsession with me going on and it's really disturbing, even in forum threads that don't even mention me she brings me up and talks about me in a negative tone, and now she's just repeating herself by reusing the same insutls that other trolls have used such as insulting my werecreatures and my work and rambling on and on about how she thinks i'll wind up in a group home. Also...she and her friends are the biggest bunch of hypocrits I have ever seen. I'm not allowed to make jokes about how dumb THEY are but they're allowed to insult me all they like?

Yeah...because calling someone else out and calling them insane when you're not any less sane is a perfectly mature way to handle it.

And I had to lie to two of them in order to get them to shut up. It's just THAT bad. I have trolls coming up the wazoo I tell you and it is not all sunshine and rainbows.
Monstermaster13 Monstermaster13
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

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