Alone In Iowa

I was born and raised in Merrill, MI. A town with a population under a thousand. All I could think about growing up was that I wanted out. When I was 19 I met a boy from iowa at a county fair. We hit it off and kept talking after his week in MI was over. I came to iowa twice within the next month and a half. Being young and stupid I ended up pregnant and found it best to move to Iowa and try to make a family out of nothing. Well 10 years two kids and alot of heartache and abuse later I left him. I had no friends and no family here. All friends I had made abandoned me when I left him. Guess they were just being polite for the length of my marriage. I always told myself that when my kids were grown I would move back home, to a place I ran away from and now miss more than anything. Then I made a friend. A great guy that I thought would always be there. Things moved passed friendship and into a physical relationship. I loved this man with all I had. He was my best friend. Until I got pregnant. He too disappeared in every way that matters. We have a beautiful daughter but that is all we have anymore and I am left alone and lonely and stuck in the middle of nowhere. I guess I bought myself 18 more years in hell.
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For the sake of your own well being, you seriously need to call on every friend and family in Michigan you have and get back home. I was in the exact same situation not too long ago. I moved to Iowa from Detroit less than 6 years ago for a job, and came back bitter and angry. That place is a backwards hellhole, the people are passionless jerks. Come home to Michigan.