Hick Piece of Sh*t!!!

Okay I have a confession to make...I actually have lived my whole life in Iowa. I grew up in a hick piece of **** town of 600 people where everyone knew everyone. Now, I actually read, yes read. Our library had I think 3 books...the bible, nursery rhymes, and a book on Iowa...lol! I went to the nearest big town to look at their library. Not much better, but it was something. I went to school in this "big" town, which just happens to be the meth capital. Maybe you've heard of it...Marshaltown. Now I actually believed in female rights and tolerance...not many people in my hometown did. I'd bring home friends that were "colored" (yes, they were that big of redneck hicks) and cause a scandal. I'd infect the young people with crazy ideas of equality. Most of the parents of this hick town HATED me...one friend of mine(who happened to be a guy) called me ***** because I dared think I could hang out with guys WITHOUT sleeping with them! No girl ever can do what guys do...and besides, look at what I bring home...blacks and beaners!(not my expression) I was a freethinking woman who could hold my own...I had to be stopped! So everyone over 30 hated me...and I kept at what I was doing! I turned my friends into rebels and raised hell when I could. I moved outta that shithole when I was 15...and moved to a place that wasn't much better, even with a bigger population. God, when I get my degree I am moving the **** outta Iowa...I hate all the intolerence and narrowmindedness....**** IOWA THE SHITHOLE OF AMERICA!!!!!!

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I moved to Usa ( i am not from this country). My husband is from Iowa but we live in another state. I have to say that he is a very interesting person, open minded, respectful of all believes, and very well traveled ( worldly). But..i a so sorry, every time we have to visit Iowa ( his relatives live there)....i feel...SO BORED !!!!!!!!!!! I try to bring new topics , but all they do is talk about kids, or the current events in the block. Due to my job i had some luck in life to work abroad, and i can tell....even in the most isolated little town in some parts of Europe or South America you still feel LIFE, or open minds to be curious about what is happening out of the limits......When some iowanians come visit us, and i prepare some nice meals, from all americans, only the iowanians feel FEAR to eat international food, new condiments, new flavours , and all they do is ask Can i have a peanut butter sandwich ?or fried chicken? !! and they show indiference to try international food , i honestly dont know whats wrong with them, ( i dont want to show off but i love to welcome and honor my guests and i receive compliments quite often)....Jesus im crying now because in one week im visiting Iowa.......

hell yea i feel you on that I ******* hate iowa all it is is these ignorant *** hicks coming from west palm beach Florida it was the complete opposite going to this small **** town I lived in if your anywhere different from abounch of stupid *** hicks who are like 20 years behind they will hate on you for any reason they can and its always these stupid *** hicks who think their hard as **** cause they were cool in a small town and then go to a big city and get their *** whopped and realize their not anything but an ignorant *** hick. Get back at me please give me a smile.

I moved to Iowa 4 months ago and I am still trying to figure out WHY! The town I live in is just as narrow minded. I hate it here!!!!!

Wow, although I didn't grow up in Iowa, I lived there for 3 years for graduate school. I almost lost my mind. I'm from an urban city so that experience changed my life forever. I'm trying to heal from hating Iowa so much but I still do.

I disagree, Serena. I grew up in Iowa-Cedar Falls to be exact. What a shithole!! Ignorant, narrow minded people! Not all of them, but 90% are! Then the religious freaks who are religious to wear a badge of I'm better than you. Not to mention all of the businesspeople and professionals who are "big" fish in a very small pond! Real cities would eat them alive!! I left when I was 17 and had fond memories of earlier childhood. I went back for two years to see nothing but disgusting women having kids to get child support and welfare, and men who still loved to "party till' ya puke"! Iowa truly is the drippy butthole sphincter it has always been!!!!!!!!! **** YOU IOWA!!!!!!

It sounds like you didn't grow up in a very good part of Iowa. You know not all of Iowa is like that. There's Ames and Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Not every inch of Iowa is a small town full of ignorant people.