Moving Soon

I’m feeling so restless. The rain hasn’t clammed down.  I log on to Myspace. “you need to come celebrate my 25 b-day, I love you cuz” a comment form my cousin Alanna. I love her so much. I really need to get out of Iowa. Sure I’ll miss my friends but I’m sure they’ll all understand. The cold weather drives me mad. I’ve wanted to leave ever since I can remember.  Relationship always stopped me. No more. I’m giving myself 6 more months. Enough time to get things in order. So what if I don’t have any money. My family will be right without me. I need to this for myself. Iowa is a place that stands still. I can always come back. …..

AkA007 AkA007
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 8, 2009

ur a perfect example of an iowan with a big mouth and nothing to back it up

It does not stand still you fuckhead! Iowa is amazing, and one of the smartest states in the damn NATION. So suck it up, and if oyu really want a better IOWA life, then just ******* go to Ames.<br />
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