I Can Relate!

It was so refreshing to find these stories. I have lived here for over 20 years. When I first moved here for my husbands job, I was surprised to find out that everyone thought they were so cool, smart, etc compared to ugly Omaha Nebraska, where I lived previously. People in Nebraska are fairly normal and nice. They welcome newcomers.  It was really hard to make friends here.  In every job I have had I met people who really did not like me and I could never figure out why. The women were catty and had cliques. The men were a little better but I never met anyone really smart enough to really be a boss or manager. They were very unprofessional in every job I have had. And yes, if you don't love football, drinking, and Iowa you are an outcast. It's weird and people are in denial here they insist it is wonderful here no matter what even in the face of reality that there is not much to do and the weather is bad. I have good friends now and they are awesome, but it took me forever to make a few close friends. Anyway, thanks for making me feel that I am not alone!

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1 Response Feb 18, 2010

i believe you cant see the forest through the trees. I bet that you probably would be everything that contradicts what most say on here. But Most people here are like that and its a sad situation.