Messiah? God I Hope Not...

Over the last few years, the Ipod has made a breakthrough in the UK, and it's got to the extent that people automatically ask you if you have an Ipod. I don't think I'd mind them that much if it weren't for the  fact that everyone does seem to have one, and talk about it like it's some kind of messiah, which really gets on my nerves...

My sister had one of the Classics a couple of years back, until it broke, exactly one day after the  warranty ran out.  It even came up with the little 'Ipod Dead' sybol, which might have been funny, had it not set her back about a hundred and eightly pounds...

After that, I refused outright to ever buy an Ipod.  First I bought a little 2G Creative Zen, which was fab, but didn't have enough memory for all of my music.  Then I bought a Sony Walkman, and just recently bought another Zen (32G this time, though - I learn from my mistakes), and can honestly say that I am completely contented in life without an Ipod... (Also, I can't actually work an Ipod, though I think this has more to do with my hatred of the things, rather than my lack of technical skill...)

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Yeah, and even though I know that all companies are like Apple, I really can't stand their policy of designing things like software and features on their products specifically to make them obsolete by the time the next model comes out... And don't even get me started on iPhones...<br />
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-Domitilla ^^

Oh now! I find it frightening when people refer to an item by a brand name. Like Klenex instead of tissue and this seems to be just like that.<br />
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Of all the things the U.S. could export it is too bad it is this culture trait.