Especially At School

Somedays I feel as if I am the only responsible student at my school. Since the beginning of the year, I have watched my roommate and both of my suitemates miss at least one class a week. They are really nice people and great friends, but it just irritates me that I get up and go to class even when I don't feel like it or want to, and they don't go to class because they "don't feel good," "because of my birth control," or "because I fought with my boyfriend last night." If the school weeded out all the irresponsible people, the tuition would go way down.

At least my roommate gets her work done, I don't know if my suitemates have done much work since the beginning of the year. All we ever hear over there is laughing, music, video games, and instant messaging. And we are in our room doing homework all night!

I also can't stand people who say that they will study with me on a certain day at a certain time, only to have them cancel at the eleventh hour saying "I'm tired," or "I have to do such in such homework," or "I forgot."

dancer2011 dancer2011
18-21, F
Sep 26, 2008