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I think that this is an unfair statement. Women can be degraded in all cultures. The Quran is a bit negative towards women, but that was the culture of that time. The same culture is mentioned in the Christian Bible, especially in the Old Testament.It dosen't seem to me that Jesus had anything agianst them, but the old testement is incredibly sexist. The church is, too. In the early church, women were allowed to be priests- papal decree ended that. There have always been more religious laws about what women can't do then what men can't do.

I can think of a few off the top of my head from the old testement.
1) (leviticus) Women on their periods cannot go outside or touch anything, or whatever they touch becomes unclean. After their peroid is finished, they must sacrifice two doves before they are pure agian.
2) Taking sexual slaves is perfectly legit, agian from Leviticus. If you capture one that was married, though, you must shave her head and clip her nails to end her mourning before you can sleep with her. (Its okay, even if the man is married, because she's a slave.)
3) If a woman intervenes in a fight between her husband and another man by injuring the mans genitals, her hand is cut off.
4) prostitutes are to be stoned to death, but their clients go free.
5)If a woman is charged with not being virgin when she is married because her husband dislikes her, it is brought before a judge. If she can prove she was virgin (blood on the sheets) the man is not allowed to divorce her. If she can't prove it, she is stoned to death. (she looses either way!)

There is a lot of good to Islam too. There are people who corrupt it. Islam in itself is a religion of peace. The muslims have good morals. People corrupt any religion. Look at Radical Christian groups who bomb abortion clinics. They're killing people for killing people.
I am not a muslim nor a Christian. I am totally unbiased towards both of these religions. I just hate when people are aggressive towards others for something as stupid as religion. Let others be.

p.s. check out this link: http://api.ning.com/files/nngnwrnFhwo1U4dAC*cqiTbiXZqguG8d4usxtiDPVsaG*obRtDC*qEwqWip5y8miThuv95P0vvIPAz7CJcwBw5HQaQaeUqJt/WomenWomen.jpg?width=600&height=459
its a cartoon and I agree with it
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Sure, all religions are old sexist ideologies. Religions are not corrupted by humans, they are human-made. The good, the bad, the ugly.

"Follow Jesus and you will be garunteed eternity in heaven. If you follow me, I can not garuntee anything." Mohammed, Book of Sarah, Quran

OMG is that really in there? That is AWESOME!!! I am looking that up to make sure this isn't a joke.

I have looked around and I can't find any other source that says that verse exists. That includes searching the text for similar references. There are nine verses in the Koran that include the words "Follow" and "Jesus" yet none of them are as you described.

Can you link to your source?

Pastor Micheal Thompson *Youth Minister*, Jubilee Christian Church, Boston, MA.

and this person says Christian views gives them an ok to lie and make up absolute garbage?

A lot of Good in Islam? I bet you can't list five true things about Islam that are good. Reply to me if you think you can and I will show you how even the parts of Islam that sound good are really terribly evil.

I have no duty nor do I care to change your opinion. I can spend all day arguing, turning what is terrible to good again, and you can probably list as much terrible. We simply have two different viewpoints. Im only saying just as muslims have extremists, so do every religion. Why I could hate Christianity because Christian bomb abortion clinics killing not only those babies but also the mothers.

The difference is that those who kill in the name of Christianity go against the teachings for the text while those who kill in the name of Islam do it in agreement with the text.

It is not just a different view point. One position is correct and the other is incorrect. One is based on experience and study and the other is based in ignorance.

wow bunnyhunterz you think you are well educated about Islam? How can someone know something very well and hate it at the same time? Its obvious that its your own ignorance. I have been in Iraq Iran Qatar Dubai Morroco Turkey Mouritanhia for business purposes also lived in Germany and USA for over years. I can speak Arabic as well as good English and German. I saw and experienced much more than you did (I can tell it by your attitude) and if you want to judge the culture you should know about the culture, also you have to experience other cultures too(with your own eyes) to compare them and have a solid idea..

lets say all my thoughts so far are meaningless.

Do you think you are more intellegent than Lev Tolstoy? He has very clear articles that are opposite to your thoughts which i can find thru internet and send the links if you would like to see

Or do you think reading Arthur Schopenhauer is waste of time since you would call his thoughts as 'incorrect' ( the latest legend of philosophy history after Immanuel Kant)

Or would you deny that Ottoman Empire which was 99% Muslim populated Islamic Orianted Country gave women right to be elected in assembly BEFORE FRANCE which is accepted as the edge of the democracy, just because your TV channel was telling you that all muslims are potential terrorists?

Aren't you the guy I've always met who hold responsible the whole German nation for the holocaust while denying taking the responsibility for the slaughter of Native Americans

Generally speaking every culture and religions have good and bad sides, it is only about which parts you see or you wantto see. I can tell you bunch of bad things that are existing in Muslim countries, I could even discuss about them but you are def. not that type of guy.

You wouldn't ask for evidence of my statements or even research about them because you don't have enough space to have them in your small brain.

This is just horse ****. If I didn't know it how could I judge it? You stated that it is not possible to know Islam and hate Islam. It would be easy for you if I was just a prejudiced hater but the fact is the religion is a lie. Mohammad was a false prophet and Allah is a false god. Every third sentence in the Koran is how you will be damned if you don't believe. That isn't a logical argument it is a brain-washing tactic. Culture can have good and bad sides but Religion is either true or false. Islam is false. You are prejudiced because you assume that I am not educated about Islam. I think you can see from what I said that I know a thing or two about it. As I have mentioned you can't trust anything a Muslim says because it is a good deed to lie to us infidels.

It is weird, people in here tell their own thoughts like they are academic facts. You cannot deny the whole religion by knowing a thing or two about it. I also see very hostile remarks from muslim people for Christianity or for USA. They can say that 9/11 was inside job because they need oil so it was a good reason to attack Iraq. This is very good example of your attitude, a guy who does not go deep in the topic would say this is the absolute truth about 9/11 and would ignore any other discussions about it. You can believe whatever you wanted to, but you should RESPECT to others or if you want to discuss you should read and learn more..

@atakan34 Your only argument is to attack the messenger. You don't actually say anything about Islam. It is hard to refute someone when they are simply making baseless claims about the person instead of talking about the substance of the issue. Mohamed came 400 years after Christ and the basic claim that Ishmael was the son of promise instead of Isaac and then Esau instead of Jacob, is a very attractive lie to the Arab people. The root of the evil of Islam is hatred of the people of Israel. You can tell when the leaders of these nations around Israel talk about how all the terrible conditions in those countries is Israel's fault and they say things like they want to push Israel into the sea, they are telling us that the whole religion is about hate. Now I know you think that is unfair but the truth is that those statements are what keep those men in power. Now in the Arab world those placations don't satisfy people who have nothing anymore. They are casting off their disingenuous leaders for leaders who will take real action against Israel.

Ultimately, too many of our solders have died because they trusted lying Muslims. They lie until they gain our trust and then attack our people inside of our security perimeters. If you had experienced this you wouldn't think that Muslims can be trusted. I'd never turn my back on one, no matter what he said about peace and love. I actually prefer the ones who preach about killing infidels because at least they are being honest with me.

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The laws of Leviticus are sanitation laws. A lot of people get that mixed up when they look at them. Oh unclean that must mean she is dirty and immoral. No, it just means that blood is a vector for disease transmission and a woman should not introduce her body fluids to strangers during that time if it is avoidable. I could write a thesis on that whole topic.

Women were not property by virtue of being women in Levitical law but in Shariah law women are considered property and are subject to requirements to prove their own morality when they are the victims of crime. Most notably women who are raped need to provide multiple witnesses to prove that it was rape. This is the current culture of Islam. It is the culture of Islam during our time. It is not an isolated incident and they are trying to bring that kind of thing here.

I keep up on that kind of law. It is a personal interest.

There was one woman in Saudi Arabia who was taking her daily run outside the base fence and a Saudi man raped her. She brought charges in the Saudi court system and they tried to arrest her for adultery and said that since she was wearing her normal military work out uniform that she enticed the man to rape her.

The cartoon is kind of funny but really I don't think women who are forced to wear Burkas see American women as oppressed in any way.

I like what U wrote here. My background is Islamic however I believe Islam is particulary worse than others as it is being used as a primitive concepts of primitive social believes to justify what is being done to hold people back and to keep them in such discussting networks of superstitious Lindsey which even justifies the worse crimes under the name of god. In fact all religions done this to their believers in the history but Islam being used in this way right now in the 21st cent. That makes it worse.

I love this article! What a well articulated and thoughtfull note. This article comes from a young woman who is obviously intelligent and eloquent beyond her years. I do not know what college you attend or what is your background, but you truly did your college and upbringing proud. Your arguments are well reasoned and rational, and you stay away from emotional prose that is common in such discussions. Good for you, young lady!

I wrote this article while I was still in high school

I know, I was using Christianity as an example of another culture. Just because one is, doesnt mean all.

umm no. If I want to feel true freedom I definitely do not 'need to show my disline towards islam' dont push your beliefs onto me.

and the way I dress has nothing to do with it. Their laws on modesty and clothing are based on commitment to their sposes, or their future spose if not married. When women are around just females or with just their husbands and family, those shrouds come off. Its meant for the women's protection

I'm not in an islamic society! The way I personally dress does not have anything to do with it. As I said, crude men over there do rape women. Covering themselves and staying in groups is the way they protect themselves.