As a proud Muslim woman,  I am going to say I disagree with this group. A lot of people have a hard time understanding Islam and the Muslim culture because it is very different from their own. However, I don't think anyone has the right to tell others that their lifestyle is wrong and/or "degrading", just because it's different from the one you choose to live. For me, the Western culture is far more degrading (esp. the mainstream media) because it treats women as mere sex objects. Also, lets not forget the fact that Muslim women were owning land and businesses in the Middle East while women out west were still treated as property of their husband. The rise of anti-Islamic propaganda out West is what has led to all these crazy misconceptions about Islam. To all the members in this group, I want to ask- how many of you guys have actually been to a Muslim country like Bahrain, for example? How many of you guys have actually tried reading deeper into the Muslim religion to understand the philosophy of Islam? Granted the rules are very, very strict for women but they are for men too. Dress codes, responsibilities, rights etc. are limited for both men and women. In Islam, genders are segregated but that doesn't mean one is superior to the other. Women are allowed to work, get educated and have pretty much the same basic fundamental rights as men. Women are even allowed to get educated and work in Saudi Arabia, the most strict of all Islamic nations (and trust me, I know. I lived there for 14 years of my life). Why hasn't Saudi been able to give a legitimate answer for it's ridiculous ban on driving for women? Because it has nothing to do with Islam. The only excuses the patriarchal society of Saudi Arabia can come up with is, "oh their niqab (face veil) will blow in the wind and would lead to many accidents". A lot of people protest the niqab (veil) that Muslim women wear. If they came to Saudi Arabia, they'd find out that the men here too cover their faces. Why? Try walking outside in the desert without one on and see if you can breathe. It's easy to criticize a culture if you don't understand it.

EDIT: Am I saying everyone has to feel absolutely the same way I do about this issue? Nope, not at all. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their lifestyle. I don't mind if you disagree with me as long as you are respectful about it. Calling followers of Islam, "the scum of the Earth", however, doesn't count as being respectful in my book.

Also, I know the girl who's picture is being used in this group and I don't think she will be very happy if she found out her picture is being used for this group, lol.
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Maybe you would like to change your profile picture because it is haram to use picture of woman with uncovered hair also it is haram to steal others identity

LOL you're disagreeing because your husband Will stone you if you don't

men in the desert cover their faces,well that's true, but they cover it for a different reason; not a law. Women can go to the desert and yeah their traditional wear is convenient, that's great and all, but what about after that? ....ever heard of Aqsa Parvez? she was strangled to death by her father and brother because she refused to wear her head dress. Muslims tortured my great grandfather because he had a do you justify that?

anyways. western culture is degrading? oh i think that's **** shaming...I was born in Canada and I have seen probably 99% of girls who immigrated to Canada from The Middle East throw those hajabs off and twirl them around!!!

p.s. to everybody no matter which God we believe in, we all come from the same one. and righteouschica, i really enjoyed your post :) finnnaaaallyyyyyyy someone on EP that doesn't just talk about SEX SEX SEX, but actually simulates some debate!!! yay!

Aqsa Parvez's example, albeit sad, is a very extreme example, which is why it made headlines worldwide. If it was a common occurrence, no one would give a crap if it happened.

it's because it happened here we give a crap..
God knows what happens there

in a country like CANADA, the fu%^ing guy had the balls to kill his daughter knowing the consequences!!!...and he titled it an honour know what fuc& that and **** him, and his son! and whatever that made him believe that doing such a thing brings honour or what she was doing was unhonourable fu&k that to pieces too.

I agree, it's very sad and disgusting :( However, keep in mind that honor killings are literally cultural. I am not trying to be an apologist here. The pre-Islamic Jahilia pagans used to bury their baby girls alive. Thus, this practice was banned in the Quran. In Islam, any person who murders his daughter will not be allowed to enter Heaven! Isn't it interesting how honor killings only happen in the Indian subcontinent? How come they are virtually unheard of in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world? Why are they so disproportionately concentrated in the Indian subcontinent and among people of Indian ancestry?

"One of the more diabolical religious practices comes from the ‘religion of peace’ otherwise known as Islam is the so called honour killing of women who bring shame to their families."

and where is that quote from?

not wikipedia lol

from wordpress

meh, still not reliable :3

repeating "oh my mom is educated" over and over isn't reliable either when 3 out of 4 girls can't read

I say this with respect ahaha don't take my tone of voice as 'bitchy' <3

You do realize a vast majority of the population, both male and female, isnt educated, right? My mother is only educated because she was super intelligent. She went to the top university on a full scholarship and she double majored in honors math and physics. That is no easy task, especially when your brother gets murdered and you have so many emotional and financial issues to deal with.

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I'm glad Malala Yusefzai survived...

She's herself a Muslim , though. I believe Islam is not opposed to girls'education, it was certainly a pioneering religion to that extent . My problem with it is that notion of gender segregation that is also a feature of Asian societies.

the town of Mingora in the Swat District of Pakistan's northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. << opposed to women education ahaha malala's from here!

But then, we have to distinguish between Talibans' practices and the Muslim texts. Although I still think Islam is not egalitarian.

very good point.

Education for both genders is stressed in Islam. Even in Pakistan itself, it is very unusual for a town to oppose girls education. My mother got her masters degree in math and physics from a Pakistani university back in 1990.

I wonder where that hatred against women comes from in regions like Pakistan, religions are used as alibis, there are other reasons.

i think it's the men... they see themselves as an authority figure, but that goes for everywhere else, just different intensity...

A woman from pakistan named Fakhra Younus left her husband and he threw acid in her face. But there's a similar situation in America where a British model had acid thrown in her face by an ex-boyfriend...

I think women are degraded everywhere to be honest, we sometimes bring it upon ourselves.

However when it comes to the islam religion... all the rules and commands... it's not a foundation i'd like to build my life on. But that's me! :-)

"we sometimes bring it upon ourselves? "I don't see how, it's just the law of the strongest.

Nor me, I think humanity should have grown out of religious diktats by now.

humanity hasn't even grown out of racism... these things will take waaaaay more time

it's mostly political, politicians want a population that is easier to control and that's why they try to divide and subjugate the population. my mom even claimed they purposefully do this so people focus on the trivial things (ie the fact that they barely have any electricity) and ignore the fact that all our presidents and prime ministers in recent years have been money laundering politicians who rigged elections to win

Yes, you give people power over someone else, the right to hate and ill-treat someone else, and they forget about their own disenfranchisement.

honestly, I don't think ridding the world of religion is going to solve anything. especially since there are religions out there (like Sufi Islam) that are more personal and spiritual than political in nature

she didn't mean get rid of religion as a whole, just getting rid of the diktat religions

Religions can be more or less authoritarian, the monotheistic ones are masculinist, they represent the essence of life as a male principle, the point of view is male, the gods speak first and foremost to men telling them how to treat women.
I think we have art as a practice for spirituality, singing, dancing, any work on the imaginary. Religions are political though, they prescribes rules without even proving their objectivity.

^Yes! religions once was a way to gain souls, remember you guys in history class? the battle of souls?

What is art, though? Isn't most spirituality just art? Sufism IS art. The dance of whirling dervishes...Sufi music...Sufi poetry...what is that, if not art? They go hand in hand.

I agree , and there's a lot of art associated with religion, but religions purport to be the word, the truth, the only truth. Non-believers are supposed to be evil.

another generalization. that is not at all what Rumi preached, for example and he never claimed to know the truth.

I don't know a lot about Rumi's teaching, that form of Islam seems nicer, more respectful of the body, more interested in self-expression. Is apostasy alright in that tradition? The whole sharia thing is Islam is just obnoxious, justifying violence while calling itself holy. No wonder people are scared of it. They think some Muslims will consider it the only law.

If you mean the fear of Islam can justify the worst crimes, there's no question about it. I personally criticize cultural features because I care about people everywhere, not because I despise them. I am aware that it's easy to caricature, at the same time we can't just shrug off any form of oppression calling it cultural relativism.

White people deny white priveledge on a daily basis. Racism is so ingrained in american culture that most are unaware of it. As a person who has had the priveledge to travel the world and meet all kinds pof people, I have noticed white people from developed nations who lack the basic knowledge of the history of other regions are most likely to make claims like these. I agree that cultural relativism cannot be used to justify things like racism, genocide or honor killings. But when westerners criticize other people's attire...thats when they take it too far. Why is it ok for a woman to wear high heels but not a hijab?

Not all Westerners like high heels, and on a daily basis not so many women wear high heels. Because it's dangerous, not safe. Now when some Muslims reduce the burqa to a fashion problem it's mind-boggling. The garment is a negation of the very individuality, the very existence of a woman, she becomes a shadow.

And thats where you'd be wrong. Firstly because burka is not the same thing as a hijab, secondly because not every Muslim woman (myself included) wears one and I vehemently oppose condemn people who force women to wear it. Thirldy because burkas ARE fashionable for some people. Not all burkas are created equal and they actually have burka fashion shows in the middle east. There are many styles and colors available. They are just a national dress different from the one you wear. Lastly, what are your thoughts on the thobe and shemagh that almost every single man in the middle east wear? Are these men shadows too?

Whoops, I didn't mean to use oppose and condem in the same sentence up there^ but you get what I mean, right? Also some women spend a **** ton of money on designer burkas. I know it sounds insane but i am not joking. They have boutiques like bedoonesm that specialize in burkas and can go up to $1000 a piece.

I'm not surprised that in some capitalistic countries it's becoming a business, and a fashion item. Ultimately people like to create an image of themselves, whatever they they're wearing, so it makes them feel they appear good religionwise and attractive too.
There's still a continuum between all those female garments. It is supposedly a form of submission to a god, but in practice it is a sign of submission towards men's rules. And it creates two categories, the good women, and the lewd ones. People can wear what they want, but if they think it makes them any better morally speaking, they are wrong, it can make them more vain actually.

Agreed, but ultimately all forms of clothing is worn to please others. For example, the extremely tight and uncomfortable skirts and suits business women wear...

Interestingly enough, the burka is misunderstood by people out west because they themselves have never had to live in an arid and sandy environment. The long, loose robe keeps you cool in the summer and prevents sand from entering your butt. The face veil prevents sand from entering your nose and mouth. Many tourists have died in the middle east because they do not dress appropriately. If you walk out in the desert without some sort of a cloth that allows you to filter the air you breathe, you're gonna have a bad time.

Well, to some extent, of course it is connected to the environment, no other climate justifies it though, so wearing it elsewhere is not convenient.
People can wear what they want, but when it becomes a constraint, it is an issue. Likewise, when people use them as a protection or because they are afraid of the world, and develop paranoia and neurosis, it is an issue.

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Love this. Thank you for the wonderful insight.

"I want to ask- how many of you guys have actually been to a Muslim country like Bahrain, for example? " I used to know a woman from there, she had to ask her younger brother permission about everything. When she got married, her hubby became her official mentor and I never saw her smile again.

Are you sure you're not confusing Bahrain with Saudi Arabia?

Of course, I am!

"In Islam, genders are segregated but that doesn't mean one is superior to the other." Yes, it does. Ever heard of the separate but equal ideology? Women are not just apart, they are behind, they are hidden. We had the same BS in Catholicism about one century ago, but women grew out of it. And they will not go back to darker ages.

Comparing Islam to Christianity? Epic lulz incoming. The fact is, when the Europeans were busy debating whether or not a woman is even worthy of being considered a human being (ancient Germany, anyone?), Muslim women were becoming scholars, warriors and politicians. Remember that quote by the white woman that said "for most of history, anonymous was a woman?" yea, well that quote doesn't exist for Islamic history. Ever heard of Khawla Bint Al-Azwar? Possibly the most badass warrior in Arab history, was a Muslim woman. Ever heard of Zainab Bint Ali? Her historical speech in Damascus started a revolution. Ever heard of Rabe'a? A poet who inspired the creation of an entire sect in Islam (along with Rumi). Do you know who created MOST of the Sharia? Muhammad's wives. The truth is, Muslim countries are going backwards and the reasons are more political than anything. Prior to having leaders like Zia-ul-Haq who messed up Pakistan for good (out of greed, btw, not because he was a particularly religious man or anything), Pakistan was a very forward nation. Forward for its time, anyway. Don't get me wrong, I am a secularist. I think religion and politics are two things that should NEVER mix. However, I also do not think its right for people to judge what they don't understand. Another BIG mistake you're making is painting all Muslims by the same brush. You DO realize that there are all sorts of Muslims out there, right? That its not just Sunni Muslims. We have Shias, Sufis, Ismailis, reformists....the list goes on and on...

Look, I'm not the type of person that believes anything goes. There are obvious similarities between the three monotheistic religions, they are paternalistic. Their cosmology, their customs, are masculinist. That being said, every culture has something brilliant to give humanity. I believe humans should work towards equality. Enough with tribal systems, enough with sects and religious strife. Let's go back to real values, not sectarian ones.

Good luck trying to do that. I agree with you 100% (hence my decision to become a Sufi)...but the fact is, its in our nature to divide and fight. Think about the last time you were alone in a room with 2 people for a long period of time. How long did it take for them to start fighting?

The greedy, corrupt people who run our world don't want us to get along and every day we get programmed by the mass media to dehumanize and demonize our "enemies" so the corporate warmongers have a reason to fight and make profits.

I am not saying this because I am a "conspiracy theorist" or anything either. There have been times when CEOs admitted they profited from war. Knowing this, and the fact that corporations have killed in the past and continue killing (sweatshops), how can we believe they will somehow magically regain their empathy and not wage war? For them, there is nothing more valuable than money. We? We're just here to serve them. As a third world kid, my life is worth nothing, NOTHING, compared to yours.

Indeed, religious wars keep people busy killing each other, so it serves vested interests. Still, as a citizen, as a woman that has seen how oppressive religions have been , that has seen the gloat of tyrants in religious husbands'eyes, I will not pretend everything is fine with them.

You and I are both on the same page on that one too. I am trying to (will probably get killed in the process) start a revolution in my country.

The reason why I discourage people to be hateful while criticizing Islam is because they fail to achieve what they are trying to do. If you really want people to consider your viewpoint, be respectful while doing it. [this doesn't apply to you since you are already pretty respectful and I admire that] but when Islamophobes start bashing Islam, what they fail to realize is that they are polarizing Muslims. Should we support people who hate our kind just because we agree with their views? Or should we support own kind because they are "our kind" and not because we agree with them? This kind of us vs. them mentality is incredibly dangerous and its exactly the kind of thinking Islamophobes have and ultimately its the same kind of thinking their actions unfortunately lead some Muslims into.

People need to understand that most Muslims are really religious and are sensitive when it comes to religion because Islam is such a big part of our identity. If you go up to a person and start bashing them for something that they consider to be such a big part of themselves, how do you think they will react to that? While it is definitely VERY important to debate religions, war, history, politics etc, we always have to remember to be respectful, otherwise all our efforts will only be counter-productive. This is what my post was originally intended to be about. I want people to be respectful while debating.

"This kind of us vs. them mentality is incredibly dangerous" . I totally agree, this it what fascist groups will try to do, simplifying things and people. I know many Muslim women are clever and courageous, I am sure they find beautiful things in their culture. Some Muslim countries have gone through periods of colonisation, and they still smart from it, they can't dissociate their pride for their country, their love for the people including the women that raised them, and the religion they were taught.

Well, you wrote this as I wrote my reply, and we both came to the same conclusion. :)

PS:There are atheists in Muslim countries, they belong to the same culture but I think many people see them as traitors.

Once I become the dictator of my country, that will definitely change ;)

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OMG I forgot how much I love your stories! :)) You should be more on here! I seriously miss you and I miss your writings :))

Also, don't pay attention that idiot called UKlad, he is just a hateful ignorant, check what he wrote me here and you will know what kind of people you are arguing with. it is really pointless, I am telling you!

This is peace , very intelligent and much needed post. The western world owes alot to Islam. What we suffer from as a people in general is a huge lack of communication people are quick to judge other societies without looking deeply and critically at our own. Everywhere there are power hungry people there will be some form of corruption lets not pretend it doesn't happen in america this country was founded on it .We would always find a enemy or create one where none exist, why? Because it justifies our wages lol I bet the Native Americans was also bashed by the media .....where are they now? Now they are considered a noble people

Red Koran many times, owe the English translation and won't agree with you in many things. Who is trying to impose their way of thinking on other religion, or other nations? I s there another Holly book that teaches to slit the throats of Infidels unless they convert to Islam with their harts, the book that teaches that it is your duty to kill the infidels unless they are hiding in the mosque, in which case you have to wait until they come out. To kill the Infidels unless there is holly month of Ramadan, in which case you have to wait until it passes and kill them after? Am I telling the truth, do you really read Koran and read such passages. I talked to son of Imam and after I showed him these passages, he was surprised saying it was first time he saw them.
I am not defending us, because people are bad or good, regardless their religion, but no other holly book is demanding to asking to kill other people because of religious differences.

thank you for taking your time to write out your opinion. however, it is complete off-topic from the issue at hand.

So I am not telling the truth?

No. It just means its best if you go post in another group because you are arguing Islam is intolerant of other people's beliefs. This group is arguing Islam oppresses women. They are two completely different issues. I disagree with your opinions but that too is completely irrelevant.

So you could not be queen of everything.


Just to mention your opinion. You are very adamantly trying to forbid me to stay in group and go somewhere else, since your and your group are very tolerant and not imposing your opinion on anybody. Also did you forget the story about young girl from Afganistan that wanted to get education?

Oh dear. You are extremely confused. First of all, I did not create this group. Secondly, I am the person who has a completely different opinion than the other people in this group. In case you haven't noticed the title of this group, yet...Third, I never told you to go away because I disagree with you. I didn't even mention it until you accused me of accusing you of lying. I just said the point you're making is completely irrelevant. Alright, you can claim Islam is intolerant of other religions...but in order for me to believe you, you have to provide sufficient proof not only showing that Islam is intolerant, but also proving that it is the ONLY holy book demanding to kill infidels. Person attacks and slanted language is nice when you are speaking to a large crowd. Unfortunately, though, I need facts to believe you. I am not saying you aren't entitled to your own opinion. I don't even care if you disagree with me, really. I am just pointing out the obvious here, which is that your point is completely off topic.

Personal attacks*

Haha and he stopped talking , o my god sister i am so proud when i read youre storie it just made me happy again thank you sooo much

I disagree. Islam teaches us to RESPECT other religions,not the opposite. It tells us to be friendly to anyone,to respect even animals and nature. But the thing is that you didn't get it right. Islam doesn't tell us to kill people of other religions,unless they started the war first. And islam tells us to never kill a muslim man/woman. Islam is perfect,but muslims aren't. How many people killed each other in non-muslim countries? How many women got pregnant because of having sex before marriage? How many teenagers suicided? Or how many accidents that occurred because of drinking or smoking weed? For ramadhan,it's scientifically proven that not eating until sunset relieves the stomach,which makes a person healthier. Islam made a dignity for women,in here true muslims NEVER treat women like trash.and the reason why that man you said he never saw what you showed him at all,maybe because you didn't get the correct version of Coran,because some aren't correct,and even in Coran itself says that Allah punishes the ones who publishes a completely different version of coran.So check your sources before judging anything at all. Plus,in Coran there is a billion of things that have been scientifically proven just now. And it's wonderful,don't you think? Islam made a man a person with dignity. It shows us how to treat people RIGHT,how to LIVE.and again I say,Islam is perfect,but Muslims aren't. Everyone makes mistakes. Allah is perfect,his creatures are not. And finally,most of you think that Muslims are terrorists. Yes,there are some muslim terrorists but they don't represent us all. In fact,we are against them. May Allah bless you and guide you to the right path :) .

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actually I wasnt really interest in this kind of topic, but accidentally I was involved in one fool debate and that open my eyes, there r alot of ppl out there that hate Islam ofcourse with their own reason, then that makes me search in ep, i found this group and also few other , I was really sad that many ppl try to disgrade Islam and muslim community and with all their effort try to force their mind to others,
I cant understand why?

I am a Muslim, and am not a religious person, I am very openminded, but I still proud to be a Muslim, and I have faith in me that my religion is right for me, some of the insulted stories somehow will boiled my tension lol, however I have not enough knowledge to argued

and after I search lot of ppl in other believe hate Islam but none of Muslim wrote about hate other person religion??? Thank GOD ^ ^

They don't have time to write, since they are busy making bombs.

@ romanticat69; again, all I see is an immature personal attack. no valid argument here.

Actually there were two immature muslim persons attacking innocent people. Right? Or did you already forget?

I haven't forgot Anders Brevik, the WBC or the Burmese monks, either. Your point?

Neither have I forgotten James Holmes, Robert Pickton, or Eric Harris. Actually, I have a long list of men I haven't forgotten.

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I am a Catholic, and today we celebrate the day of Islam, the password of the day is: "Education of young Christians and Muslims for justice and peace."
I think that people can not look at religion through the prism of evil, evil will always accompany but this is not the right way. People often have the image of man as someone perfect believer, and as something to disturb the image is immediately hit the religion that is not mature behavior.
I agree with your statement that people have stereotypes and do not know the truth. The worst are those who do not explore knowledge, and know all the best.
Thanks for your story :) peace for you :)

I hope there r alot more ppl like u that spread peace and love ^ ^
but sadly there r alot of ppl that full of hate :(
peace 4 u too :)

Great story :) they should come here in Egypt and see how we treat women! Even marriages gives more to women than what it takes from men lol. Every married woman legally owns her husband's place whether its a house or an apartment. And theres also the 5ol3 law! Even Egyptian Christians use it now if they're in need of it. Western cultures dont have that law!

I hate Islam and I am not going to accept any of bloody Islam rules!

What are the rules?

1. When the women must accept their husband married 7 wife.

2. Women must give their salary to husband

3. Women divorce from husband, most of the wife property going to belong to their ex-husband .There has not any 50-50 share.

4. A woman get rape without witnesses the court would turn against the victims as they committed adultery and stone them to death. This laws is really suck. The man can walk out from the crime. Although the woman has murdered the raper to defense her self, she is going to the death penalty. This is a true story that happen to a woman that going to Saudi Arabia work as a maid.

5. Children under age 16 can be force to be marry by the parents.

6. Under the Islam rule parents could murdered their daughter if they were disobey or embarrassing their family.

This young girl had a bright future. Why the parents didn't live her alone and let her choice what she want to do? Why should murder them because their decision is against the family?

I was born in the muslim country. I know how violent the systems are.

I feel sorry to the 2 young girls that past away. If the parents are not extreme muslim they wouldn't die. I pray that they rest in peace.

WOW I can't believe you actually believe all that crap LOL

1. When the women must accept their husband married 7 wife. (In Islam a man is only allowed to have 4 wives at a time HOWEVER, some scholars debate a man might technically only be allowed to have ONE wife, which is what I believe too)

2. Women must give their salary to husband (umm, where did you hear this one? EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE on Islam I've ever read by ANY scholar actually says its the other way round, as the breadwinner of the family, a man MUST share his salary with his wife whereas a woman has no obligation to do so. anyways, what kind of a wife wouldn't want to share her salary with her husband? there is no place for selfishness in marriage)

3. Women divorce from husband, most of the wife property going to belong to their ex-husband .There has not any 50-50 share. (FALSE, even in marriage, a woman's property belongs to her)

4. A woman get rape without witnesses the court would turn against the victims as they committed adultery and stone them to death. This laws is really suck. The man can walk out from the crime. Although the woman has murdered the raper to defense her self, she is going to the death penalty. This is a true story that happen to a woman that going to Saudi Arabia work as a maid. (The laws of Saudi are totally messed up as its run by a bunch of greedy hypocrites. If Saudi cared about Islam so much, surely they would do something to help their Palestinian brothers?)

5. Children under age 16 can be force to be marry by the parents. (NO ONE can be forced to marry without consent in Islam, the nikkah (marriage contract) doesn't count if its forced.)

6. Under the Islam rule parents could murdered their daughter if they were disobey or embarrassing their family. (again, FALSE, this is a tradition that was borrowed from Hindu culture by Pakistani Muslims. It's false and condemned by every single Muslim scholar out there)

Any other disinformation you'd like to spread? or are you done trolling for the day?

Anyone ever tell you that you rock, chica?

ruling on women not having to share their salary with husband (and this one is universally accepted)

I am not enough. There is a muslim guy that married 10 wife and they live in my country and he claim that quran allow him to do that as long he can afford it.

yea, just because that guy did it doesn't mean its right. that's like me saying that just because anders breviek thinks its right to start a mass shooting to achieve a political goal, all christians are terrorists.

I believe that crap because that of Muslim behaviours are realistic and it is the fact. I believe what I see; I don’t believe what I heard. Indonesia Islam leader that told me they can marry 7 wife or more as long they can afford that because it was written in the Koran. Whatever how many wife Arab guys could married there is more than one. In my opinion that is not acceptable!!! That is a suck laws. In my country if my husband having an affair I could divorce him straight away. I could sue him to the court and he won’t get any of my property and money. He must pay compensation to me.

Let me tell you about some bloody muslim in my country. One young girl she was only 13 and she was very sad the parents had arranged a married for her with the guy that 40 year old. She was a muslim. That guy could be her father. She was willing to study and get her qualifications. Her parents were ruined her future by sold her to this disgusting old guy. She was unwilling to marry. Thanks God, the Children Human Right department came to rescue her and put her back in to the education. Her husband claimed that he allowed to marrying a young girl under age because Koran gave permission of that!!!! I am 100% sure that there has not any child under 14 want to marry an old guys and treated like a sex slave.
Children are in this age should be live a happy, get education and playing with their friends. They must not marry old guys. Crazy!!!!

So who is right? Your perfect Koran is right or the Human right laws is right.

Whatever your beliefs are not accepting all in other country!!! I don’t believe your Koran and Sharia Laws. I think Sharia laws are suck. If you feel that they aren't unfair why you don’t demonstrate against them. Are you scared getting kidnap and murder by the government? Maybe worst you could get rape by the army.

I pronounce again I hate Islam and the Sharia Laws. You can't change me. If I could meet any Arab guys are really nice, respecting women and not prejudice. I will admit that Koran is the right way. The fact that Arab guys terribly like sexs. If they could rape they would do that.

I don't want to change you. I only want you to realize that your judgement is not right. You are the reflect of the Koran.

I never want to live in the horrible country like that.

good for you, I grew up in the countries you seem to be condemning. Never forget the fact that Islam started where I live. I am a proud 18 year old Muslim chica, my parents are allowing me to get educated (Muhammed, the prophet of Islam, said education is a right for ALL Muslims, regardless of gender). I would recommend you actually research Islam on your own. As you said, you should believe what you find out on your own, not what others tell you. In this case, you are believing the corrupt imam of your local mosque. Do you really think he knows more about Islam than the grand Ayatollah's of Iran or Muhammed, the prophet of Islam, himself? Have you ever even READ the Qur'an?

also, forced marriage is not allowed in Islam. only uneducated "Muslims" still practice that...and let me tell you one thing about these "Muslims", if they really believe that the Qur'an allows them to have four wives, one thing is clear- they have obviously NEVER read the Qur'an as it is the ONLY religious scripture that actually prohibits marrying more than 4 women (all other religious books have no limits to how many you can marry). I would recommend actually checking out the links I gave. they are very informative and they are from credible Muslim scholars who are GLOBALLY recognized. also, these self-proclaimed Muslims that you are talking about never even pray or do any other wajib things like fasting in the month of Ramadan. I don't consider them Muslims. In Islam if you don't pray for 40 days you are no longer considered a Muslim...that automatically reduces the population of Muslims in this planet by a quarter, at least.

I am glad that you are educted. Yes, I have read Koran translation in English translation. I don't like Arabic to learn Arabic. My school was taught me Arabic and I hated it because of the Muslim bad behaviour.

If Muslim are really educated why to be violent to the maid that working for you. Why the government charging them death sentence??? Is government uneducated cause them behave like a beast?? They are clever Muslim that sit in the Arab government. They want to favour men and put death sentence on the women. Women are rubbish they are nothing but slave. You are still young. When you are married and get abusive husband and fight for your life. You would realise that what you believe is wrong.

I don't really care who is right or wrong Muslim. As long they go to the mosque they proclaim they are Muslim.
I don't like the Islam as a religion.
I feel sorry that Arab women were treated unfair.
I know some Islam country such as Dubai, Qatar, Lebanon, Palestine, Libya are not that extreme. Specially Dubai is really a nice country. I often flew Emirates and transfer in Dubai. I amazed to see the Air port. I like Lebanesse restaurant because they sell very nice food in my city.

I would take a note in the web site that you have post it. I would read them one by one in the leisure time.

well, you yourself claim you like certain kinds of Muslims. It's alright to not like Islam and disagree with its teachings. However, claiming all Muslim men are abusive ******** is not right. My father is a Muslim man too and he has NEVER hit my mother. Neither have any of the other men in my family and we are all Muslims. I agree the way the maids are treated here is not fair however there are tons of Muslims here (my own family included) who protest against that. the government has actually put a ban on foreign maids to try to prevent tragedies like that from happening again. Saudis are xenophobes who dislike anyone who isn't Saudi. I am a Pakistani and I got treated very unfairly there for not being Arab. Racism exists everywhere, though, and is not just something that happens in Muslim nations. It is important to know who is a "right" or "wrong" Muslim because "wrong" Muslims don't follow Islam properly, they just twist the teachings of Islam to justify their own twisted agendas. It doesn't make sense for you to hate something you don't even understand or know anything about. If you are going to hate Islam, at least get educated about Islamic laws and Islamic history so you don't make an a$s of yourself.

great! thank you for taking the initiative to learn more about Islam. :)

I don't condemn your country. You are believing that the Islam government does the right thing for the women. It is your choice. You are believing women should lower than men that is your choice. You are believing that Sharia Laws are right that is your choice.

I am feel greatful of what I have. I don't have a misrable life as Saudi women. They got beaten by the husband but couldn't report him to the police and sue him in the court . I think this is true because men rule the women.

I am happy with my life and I have many freedom. I can do anything that I want to do. I can make choice and decision without need to scare of the men.

actually, you'd be surprised at how high the divorce rates in Saudi Arabia are. PLENTY of women get divorced because of abusive spouses. I actually grew up in Saudi Arabia and it was very strange for me because in my culture divorce is frowned upon but in Saudi it was quite common. And again, you are claiming that under Shari'a law women have less rights than men. I don't believe that. The way I see it, men and women are different from each other and should be treated as such. This is a scientifically proven fact. There was a reason why women stayed at home while men went out to hunt and fight back in the day. There is a reason why patriarchal empires dominated our planets. It's not because women are weaker or dumber than men, it's because men are different from us. They are more aggressive and stronger. It's in their nature to dominate and fight. Even my western male friends think it would be a shame if they had to become stay-at-home dads (Again, not all of them think this and I have some Muslim male friends who would probably love being SAHDs). Men like being the breadwinners of the family. In my classroom, an AMERICAN boy said that its ok if women make less money than men because men are the breadwinners of the family. What would you say to that? Of course I think that is unfair. The reason why I agree with the laws of Islam is because I embrace my femininity. I love the fact that I am a woman who has curves, the ability to bear and raise children, &amp; to take care of the household. I love the fact that I am responsible and hard working. I would love to be a working mother. I take pride in being able to take care of the household chores. I love cooking and cleaning the house. I think its fun! I love being a woman and I love the responsibilities Islam has given me. I also love getting educated (according to our Holy Prophet (PBUH), "To acquire knowledge is binding upon all Muslims, whether male or female.") and I would love to have a good job one day. I wouldn't mind at all if my husband insisted on being the breadwinner of the family. As long as he makes enough money to afford my children and I, I will be happy. I believe that if he really loves me, he wouldn't have a problem with me working at all. I want to be exactly like my mother, who works and handles our household. She is my inspiration. BTW how do you feel about people who willing engage in dom/sub relationships and BDSM? some women actually enjoy dominant men. I am not like that but I don't judge others who are.

also, I am completely free too. the only thing I fear is God. I only follow my parents wishes because I don't want to hurt them and I appreciate all that they have done for me. However, there isn't a single man in my family who controls me.

Ok first of all, where do you even get your information cos 90% of it is incorrect.

Yes some people in the muslim world force their daughters to marry whether they are 16/17 or adult women.

NO, it is not what Islam conducts and tells us to do. Islam says that the woman should give consent for the marriage to be valid, which means the girl should say YES I WANT TO MARRY HIM and that is the ideal way.

People don't follow the rules, you see people run a red light no matter what the religion is.

In Christianity, it's not allowed to have sex before marriage, even though 98% of Christians are fornicating months and years before marriage and creating armies of kids out of wedlock. If I was learning about Christianity and was thinking of converting to it, would I be judging the religion based on what people in that religion are doing, or what the religion and its book tell me to do (the proper rules)? Anyone with at least one brain cell would say that if u are going into a religion you should base it on what IT teaches and NOT WHAT PEOPLE do.

As for the other stuff:
1. When the women must accept their husband married 7 wife.
*That is incorrect, a man can marry only 4 women, if he wants a new one he has to divorce one of the 4 women first.
* I'm a male muslim, and I don't really like that rule, but IT IS part of my religion.
* A rule (in the Quran) for marrying more than one woman: is that the man HAS to treat them ALL equally, and IF HE KNOWS HE IS NOT CAPABLE OF TREATING ALL OF THEM EQUALLY, THEN HE SHOULD ONLY STAY MARRIED WITH ONE. (yes, most people don't obey that rule, but like I said before breaking rules is part of human nature, look at Adam and Eve)
* When Prophet Mohammad married his wives, they were mostly widows who needed a husband to take care of them, or divorced (not all of them though).

2. Women must give their salary to husband

3. Women divorce from husband, most of the wife property going to belong to their ex-husband .There has not any 50-50 share.
Completely false.

4. A woman get rape without witnesses the court would turn against the victims as they committed adultery and stone them to death.

* The stoning sentence hasn't been practiced in the last 2 decades as far as my knowledge goes, but this stuff has nothing to do with ISLAM but all to do with the SHEIKHS' (JUDGES') opinions and corruption and/or ignorance.

***Please educate yourself before you state things as facts to other people.

you clearly didn't read any of the links I provided. Talking to you is like talking to a wall. Have a good day, madam.

(In Islam a man is only allowed to have 4 wives at a time HOWEVER, some scholars debate a man might technically only be allowed to have ONE wife, which is what I believe too)
if they really believe that the Qur'an allows them to have four wives, one thing is clear- they have obviously NEVER read the Qur'an as it is the ONLY religious scripture that actually prohibits marrying more than 4 women (all other religious books have no limits to how many you can marry).
Are you can make up your mind? In one hand you said muslim can marry 4 wife in other hand you said that they prohibited to marry more than one. YOU ARE COMPLETELY INSANE AND CONTRADICTION!!! So Islam scholarship is guessing what the best to preach! There had not any solid commands from God. So Islam is guessing their scriptures!!!
All other religious books have no limits to how many you can marry. How many religious book that you have read? Are they Hindu, Buddha, Protestant, Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah witness, Sai baba etc? What they said about marriages? What do you know about the other religion? Are you speaking about nonsense ? greatful

So you are delete my last comments. You are a monster that supporting a child molester!!!!!!!!!!!

no, I deleted your comment because I found it stupid. Also, read what I wrote in this story before you respond. If you can't be respectful, don't bother replying. It's sad to see a woman your age acting like this. It's immature and pathetic.

I don't like religion that supporting child molester. Yes, Koran is stupid encourage men to become a child molester. I SPEAK OUT MY OPINION WITHOUT ENTERTAIN PEOPLE TO MAKE THEM LIKE ME! I LIVE IN THIS WORLD IS NOT TO PLEASE HUMAN BEING. Other people want say I am lunatic and hate Islam. I don't care! I see the fact that most of the muslim leaders are insane! I THINK THE WAY THAT I WANT TO THINK AND I LIVE THE WAY THAT I WANT TO LIVE. I HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS TO DECIDE ANYTHING AND NOT ABIDE BY RELIGION.

oh, caps lock. sh!t just got real.


I have now realized why you haven't met any nice people out there. you just have a way of p!ssing people off so damn much that it's impossible for someone to like you. Keeping an open mind and not blindly following what politicians dictate to you will not kill you. I promise you, it wont. Try thinking for a change. You might actually like it.

LOL seems like the only way I can get her to stop is by blocking her.

I don't care that people want to block me. You are not important to me.

This website called" EXPERIENCE PROJECT". Every one can share their bad or good experiences. I have many bad experiences with muslim. This woman disagree with my opinions of course I must explain what is the reason I hate Islam and I don't accept their Koran. I read Koran and find out most of the error that can't apply for a new legislation in the society.

Long time ago there were slavery everywhere. Nowadays most of the countries in this world has human trafficking laws. We can't apply slavery anymore.
This is same as children that marriage under age that Koran had given permission to happen. Most of the countries have children new legislation. Although I was born in corruption country but Indonesia pass a new legislation to protect children. Same as polygamy and violent to women.
I read in the Koran that men allowed to beat their wife because they were disobey. I don't think that is acceptable.

I am really sorry for people get distractions of this debate. I am not mean to disturbing other members.

haaaa I meet u again ^ ^ lol, u lead me here , thank u ^ ^
why u so full of hate lady ^ ^.. if u r not a Muslim and not lived in Muslim country no one forced u to accept the rules..

why bother u so much to give a **** to other ppl religion
u r creepy ^ ^

and I HATE THAT ******* WITCH!!
she might be just a cold woman that didnt have sex for long time thats why she is bitching everywhere *she is also bitching in my bestfriend story.... scarrrrrrryyyyy

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Agreed. Women in Islam, like men have the rights to gain education, engage in business/profession...keep their family name & identity..hv their possessions secured etc. I don't see how Islam degrades women.

It is depend where you live. If you were live in Marroco they would more liberal.


lol xD

<p>I used Too have a really good friend I knew him for about six years, I lost contact with him when I moved to Australia. He was a computer engineer, he worked and lived in Bahrain for about 3 years coming home during the holidays about three times a year. He told me a lot about the people in that part of the wold, and said they are some of the most friendliest, polite and hospitable people he had ever met. Well written Chica :)</p>

thank you for sharing your experiences with me. :D

Thank you, His name was Chis he loved it in Bahrain, he was always eager to go back.

I love Bahrain too =D

Thank you SO much for this story! I hate how they think muslim women are forced to "obey" their husbands and are not allowed to get jobs or proper education. That really isn't true. I've been in the middle east my whole life, and most of the muslim women here have/had jobs and don't take **** from anyone.

agreed, my mum is like one of those powerful ladies. I admire her :)

I still wonder if the demonizing of Islam and the rift created by the west didn't have a lot to do with the financial and banking systems, besides other things. The fact that Islam forbids usary wouldn't have gone down well with those that thrived on it. And lets face it, the power is where the money is. It's best to demonize a financial system thats less profitable, so it's best to just deminize everything about the culture and the people. Woudn't be suprised if it was the banksters that started the propaganda centuries ago

usury....spelt it wrong

well said! that actually makes a lot of sense and I never thought of it that way :O