What Gives?

When I first joined this site back in February of this year, I had met some people and they added me to their circle. Well, I tries to keep communication with the people in my circle as much as possible despite that sometimes I work 12 hour shifts-yes there is a life away from the computer (even if I don't chat with them all the time, I'll send them a gift or a gesture to let them know that I'm still thinking of them and haven't forgotten about them). So the following week, I noticed that I started having less and less friends and couldn't figure out why this was happening. One person said that "they needed to make room for others to be in their circle"  (which didn't make any damn sense at all) and a couple of others just didn't give an explanation.  So it's like this-if you're going to remove someone from your circle, at least have the balls to say why you are doing it instead of not explaining your actions to the person you're removing, or at least give them a fair warning about it. But for my present friends in my circle who has stuck by me through thick and thin, I'm so grateful for all of you and I'd never, ever trade you in. You guys and gals are wonderful! 
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1 Response Jun 13, 2012

Im new here so Im just having trouble so far even making new friends. hope that changes. The ones that I hope become friends with. I will send out a quick hey or something that shows Im still around.