Public Service Is So Backwards

I work in a large bureaucracy so I see that happen all the time. Good people are often trumped by those who will do anything to get ahead. And in any government agency there are plenty of unproductive people in positions of influence. And you have to wonder "What did he or she do to get that job!" And the next thing you know, that person gets an even better job, argh!

The kind of skills and temperament it requires to climb the ladder seems to suit the people who you'd least like to have lead you. Why is that?

The more responsibility I have earned in my career and the more I am exposed to the way senior management works and thinks, the more I am convinced the whole place is a scam. It's depressing because I see so many bad people, time servers, sycophants, benefit seekers, and travel lovers (who never saw a trip they didn't volunteer for) that it's hard to see what good we do at all.

The most infuriating thing I ever saw was when a friend of mine was drafted to work on a high profile issue, giving up nights and weekends, so that he could help cover for the senior guy who went out on vacation. At the end of it, senior guy got a bonus and my friend who spend two weeks working his rear end off to cover for him got nothing, no bonus, not even his name on the commendation.
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