~ Tell Me Why The Road Turns ~

Blame it on time, chance, whims or fate even.What I thought started out like a great friendship; Somehow turned into but a vapor.The vapor is real, I can see it, I behold it.It's even tangible to my senses and emotions.I really felt a connection between us.But like other things in life, it's life however carefree, was squeezed out.Maybe squeezed out by other friends or maybe even out of boredom or life in general.The friendship was as honey.It was sweet to the taste and even put a sparkle in my eye.I'm still glad that I came down that road where I met you.I just don't understand why the road turns.
Waymor Waymor
51-55, M
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

but change is a good thing. The same straight path can get very old and boring very quickly. And maybe that is what happened. Maybe things were too expected, too routine. People need pzazz, and life, and surprises to make life special, romantic, challenging, and entertaining. Life is to be lived,not just endured.

beautifully penned...

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