People Make Me Nervous

But there is no reason for it apart from what is in my head I guess.....


That I don't fit in that I am being judged... That I am liked but alway's not enough to be wanted, this is my fears but no need to be nervous, however every moment of every day and every interaction makes me feel this way...

I don't know why I try to work it out, when I was young I just thought that everyone hated me, as I grew I realised that life itself scared me it was me the way I am and because of the way I am this causes the type of reaction from others....

jesterjarhead jesterjarhead
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4 Responses Apr 18, 2010

i feel nervous with the people those who i dislike.i hate to see them in front of my eyes when they come in front of me i feel inconvinient i feel upset i loose my confidance

I feel nervous and on edge when someone raises their voice or their abrasive, and actually a lot of people don't even realize they are like that. I get nervous around people who ask too many questions. I feel unless I know you, and your my friend. I do feel why I tense up is because in the past I was nice enough to share the truth and honesty, to only have dam people use it to judge me. I guess it makes them feel better. and lastly I hate conversation bully's they never let you finish what you have to say or don't get it, I hate to be interrupted while making a point, it distracts my whole train of thought. I had a father who argued and never allowed me to get a word in edge wise so that is why I feel tense around edgy people, and actually being around people who talk soothly and smoothly is a asset.

i feel the same dang way. i cannot stand to be around anyone and if the phone rings or someone knocks on the door i go into a nervous jerk. I am not afraid of them i think i just sick of how stupid some people can be and i think i have put everyone in that category. wish i could be normal but i don't see it coming anytime soon unless someone has a magic wand..<br />
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******* in the house

Im the same way. Ive been trying to overcome it and put myself out there more. I started by telling myself to do things that i wouldnt normally do, like smile and say hello to passerbys. Im only 18 so i figured if i work on it now it wont be a problem in the long run.