I Got Toothpaste In My Eye

I got toothpaste in my eye and my eyeball felt minty fresh.  I was expecting it to hurt, but I just felt a lovely fresh breeze on my eye.  I considered putting a little in the other eye... but then I realized that was crazy!!

Pricey Pricey
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26 Responses Aug 17, 2008

They fit like a glove. Well a shoe actually, but you know what I mean!

Get your nice little present that you ordered Pricey??? Do they fit...

Honestly, I just leave a story unattended for a couple of hours and you two are having sex when I get back. I mean EVERY time! Sheesh!

OMG! You were WATCHING?!!!! Well, okay, just once more then!!!

Do you want your gizmo back now?

coming.... slipping.... must think of something dirty........ aaaccchhhh!!! I think my brain just exploded!<br />
<br />
Or was that just an ******?!!! It's so hard to tell with you, Sleepless!

In the end? Sex? Sex in the end?!!! Yikes!!! Sadly, I think you are right!!! LOL

what was this story about? I forget!

Hello? Hello? Nobody there :(

Ding Dong....Hey Pricey someone sent you something...ANswer the door

Blimey, so that's why you want to go huh?

And the best man f*cks her before the wedding!!

"whorish red" WTF<br />
Have you know, that in China the bride wears red.

Swallowing?!!! Oh!!! Now that's too much even for you, Pricey!!! LOL

Big heely ones... in whoreish red!

Aww.. cheer up orchid! Think of shoes!

I am legend of the losers. ***sobbing** and petals wilting

Lmao... you two are absolute legends!

***tsk tsk*** Pricey. Spitting is rude. Swallowing well it's an aquired taste......toothpaste that is.

Takes one to know one?

What? How dare you... I'm not denying it mind...

You're quite vocal for a corpse O6. I am impressed by the fact you swallow mind you...<br />
<br />
Try looking sleepless... just don't look too closely!

I actually died from swallowing toothpaste. Didn't know you were suppose to spit.

Oh thanks a lot! You know that's why you like me. You never had toothpaste in your eye?

Do you mean dope as in stupid, or dope as in gangsta stylee?

I have one of those Sonicare toothbrushes... it just chucks the stuff everywhere! I may have been looking at the bristles moving at the time though... I guess I looked too closely :(