Two Of My Best!!!

writing from the heart,off the cuff(as always) and the computer said otherwise...very discouraging,I've been cautious in my rambles ever since...also this place is teeming with viruses and spystuff,theese borrowed computers don't appreciate it.but I NEEDS mah EP don't ya know!

dubkebab dubkebab
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11 Responses Feb 13, 2010

oh yeah,I'm well versed in user error.

I haven't had this happen yet. Mine was user error...and was with a few long emails or comments I had finished typing out. Moi actually clicked on "return to in box" instead of clicking on "reply". Who does that?!?! own stupidity even surprises me some days. *rolls eyes* Saving grace is I haven't done this in a reeeeeeeeeeeally long maybe I'm finally passed the madness. *crosses fingers just in case* :)

I'll give it a little shot here and there...

you are anti facbooks! i LOVE facebook. ..your poor cute man dubkebab! i like reading your epic long stories..!! as long as its something i like! and it ussualy is..were so much alike. coud you right more stuff? i like reading them :D

you said it well,ladee-three cheers for the all-engrossing world of EP!

I certainly haven't blamed EP! the support staff here is great,they are all heart,mostly...nothing like lame facebook...I use myspace for music connections mostly and it leaves much to be desired there.<br />
just ironic that my two best bits of writing here are gone forever,I'm more hesitant to even try epic posts,partly 'cos I'm a bit of a computard! phrase,but you may steal it.

That happens to me with PMs all the time. ARRRGH!

I need to practice that method,thanks for the reminder Eves...(hope you are well)<br />
yes,Dormouse I know what ya mean,bleaugh!

I've taken to writing longer posts in a word processing program and then pasting it. Too frustrating otherwise.

BTW i hate the censor thing too..

hmmm... i used to be on myspace, i was frustrated with it so i finally deleted my account and went to facebook,myspace always made the computer REALLY glitchy and slow and timed out alot.