Save Your Breath...

Yes, it says that I am a "lesbian" on my profile and yes sometimes I put up a sexy avatar.  But if you are a person who wants to wife swap, who chooses to wet your pants, drink pee, wants to watch me have sex with another woman and ETC, please don't waste your breath and my time by becoming my FAN, because, not only will I not add you into my circle, I will simply and quickly block you!   I know it will come as a complete shock to you, but I am not a circus attraction here for your amusement!

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34 Responses Feb 28, 2010

It is strange isn't it SuperMother, that people will want to be in your circle without looking at our experiences or stories. Thank You for commenting. I hope you are well! :-)

You are most welcome and I am well, thanks! :)

Thank You very much for your comments choctawgrrrl. I hope you are doing well.

Well said my friend :)

But sometimes its just about having a flirt with someone so if you like do add me.

Thank You for the great comments Unique. Exactly, I know, I don't know what some people think. lol

Excellent story. Straight forward and to the point. Ewww, there's the I drink pee group. Disgusting. I thought only astronauts did that. You know its recycled and purified, yet its necessity up there. Ewww, though if you didn't have to, yuk! <br />
<br />
I hate when pervs add me just because I have lesbian friends. You said it right. Like we're just gonna have a gang-bang to please them. I don't think so.

Thank You for commenting sendittome.

by reading this post of yours, i am really get scared.<br />
i really have respect for homos by from my deep heart.<br />
and i am here just for friends, as i have dont any.<br />
<br />
i hoped to get some friends here. but waste....<br />
<br />
thank you.

I am definitely NOT talking about you mewold. lol I hope you are feeling all right. Thank You for commenting on my post. Love You Too.

Every time I hear the work "Perv" I look over my sholder to see if someone is talking about me. Actually, I don't care what "religion" you are. Iove you.

Anyone want to help me WHOOP some perv A$$? I had another one want to be my fan today. lmao

I have no doubt that you would to ennuye! ROFLMFAO Mwah

Uh-oh, that perv better watch out, ennuye is coming to the rescue! ROFL Thank You to all of you for the protection. Mwah

Might as well join the club SM! LOL You are a sweet nut Pumpkin...Mwah

I know pumpkin, you put a purr-fectly "innocent" story out there and all of a sudden you get pervs knocking on your door!. LMAO You are right pumpkin, I am sure SM will tell us in her own time. ;-))<br />
<br />
"Everyone who believes that SM does NOT have a dirty mind' raise their hands! Umm, I don't see any hands up yet, SM. ROFLMAO! Mwah!

Iza hearihg you iuvmc11,your name sticks like emergency no JM X

Iza, the other day I got 4 or 5 pervs just in one day. LOL

ICL sweetie, I know you will be there for me if I need you. Thank You, it means so much to me. You never know, I might need your help soon to kick some perv butt. lol Big Kisses and Hugs. :-)

Just let me know if you need me to kick some perv butt. I've got your back here. Okay?

Yes, SM has definitely read some of my stories! LMAO She knows how I am.. lol

I guess you would not want Punky to start sharing stories about you, ey SM? LOL Too bad. Be careful what you wish for SM! LMAO..Mwah.

Pumpkin has a new nickname now! ROFLMAO.. It is good to know who you are and own it! {I'm playing}. "a talented tongue" LMAO. I have no doubt about that! You crack me up gurl. mwauh Pumpkin.<br />
<br />
Kindal, it is all good. I was just kidding around with you and pumpkin. :-)<br />
<br />
That's just scuzzy, SM. I also hate it when guys do that. <br />
You have personal knowledge of Punky being a perv, SM? Are there any stories that you would like to share with us?? um? {I'm kidding} You guys bring this onery side out in me, I am not always like this, I swear! LMAO

You don't need a perv bothering you LV, by all means block them. Thank You for commenting. I hope you are doing well. :-)

ennuye, <br />
Would you mind opening up that can O' whoop -A$$? I just had another perv want to be my fan this morning. lol Thank You for the support, it is good to know that you have my back. Just holler if you need my help disposing of a perv, I will be glad to do it. mwah

Well done, these people should not be on EP<br />
<br />
I never thought about blocking these people,<br />
<br />
Good point, I might do it next time.

Kindal,<br />
A "purvey" pumpkin?! LMAO <br />
There really isn't anything "purvey" about pumpkin. <br />
Yep, I have to do what I have to do. Thanks Kindal. :)

Hi Kristee,<br />
You are right, there are some strange folks here. Thank You! mwah

ICL, They are so tiring. Thank You for commenting.. <br />
<br />
LM, Yep, we need to look out for the pervs. <br />
Thank You both for the support. :-)

The girls gotta look out for creeps hey,with u all the way luvmc11 LM

I know exactly what you mean luv. I'm sick of the pervs too.

I will still put up my sezzy avis Pumpkin, don't worry. mwah

That came out wrong! LOL I in no way meant to imply that you are a "perv" My humblest apologies. mwah

Well, for you Pumpkin, it might be a different story! LOL *I keed* as you say. <br />
Most of the time, I can tell who the "pervs" are just by looking at their usernames. It gets old after awhile. Thank You Pumpkin