It's Rude And Uncomfortable To Other People Around...

You are sitting in a public city bus on the window seat all by yourself when a little girl gets on the bus and sits next to you, her mother right across from the both of you.  The girl has a backpack and puts it down by her feet.  Suddenly, you hear a loud smack right next to you that makes you jump and a cold voice saying, "Sit up straight."  And you see the girl immediately sit up straight, her face flushing red.  You guitily turn back to looking out the window when you hear another smack and another cold order, this time saying, "Pick up your backpack."  You feel really uncomfortable and want to move, but the bus is packed and there are no more seats available.  After a few more smacks next to you for something really stupid, you finally turn to the mother and tell her that all those smacks and spankings are absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for and to leave the poor girl alone already.

And to your utter surprise, she snaps at you, "You stay out of this!  How I raise my kids is absolutely none of your business, young lady!"
Okay, she has a point.  How she raises her kids is really none of your business...
Except for the fact that she WAS making it your business when she was hitting her child right next to you and you were absolutely uncomfortable and embarrassed for the little girl.  She was only taking her child's discipline into consideration, not other people's discomfort and at the same time, if she doesn't want other people getting involved in it, then it probably wouldn't be such a bad idea for her to spank her girl in private instead of forcing other people to see that and therefore, make it other people's business as well, don't you think?

And by the looks of the other passengers on the bus, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wanted to say something to that mother (Yes, this is a true story and it happened to me, I just wanted to put you in my shoes for a moment).  I just happened to be the only one who had the nerve to speak up.  Maybe if I hadn't said something, somebody else probably would have eventually.  That mother was a monster.  I'm amazed nobody called CPS.  Not that it didn't cross my mind to do so after she told me to mind my own business.

So if any mother spanks or hits her kids in front of you and you're uncomfortable with all that, don't be afraid to speak up and say something.  I know most people probably wouldn't because they don't believe it's their business and that they should probably stay out of it, but if she's doing it right in front of you, then that pretty much makes it your business too if you're feeling very awkward just standing there and pretending not to notice, don't you think?

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That really unnerved me. I mean, I don't agree with spanking at all, but if you must discipline kids, I prefer they are simply spanked over whipped with a belt over and over. Spanking is a weird punishment, but I don't consider it abusive. If parents must spank their children... Whatever, you know? I just hate when they do it in front of me. It's just awkward to watch, you know? If it were in private where parents don't selfishly expose others to the discomfort of having to see that, I wouldn't ob<x>ject to it too much.<br />
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And it's not like she was asking the poor child nicely first and smacking her IF she didn't obey. She was smacking her as she barked out her commands and I was just sitting there twiddling my thumbs and wishing I was somewhere else before I decided that it was just damn well enough and finally snapped. I just felt so embarrassed and I wasn't even the one getting my *** warmed. I just hated the position she put me in. Being forced to watch someone get spanked feels like a punishment in itself. It's just one of those awkward things to be forced to watch. Some people have spanking fetishes and may enjoy a show like that, but other people would rather not have something like that happening in their presence. It's just weird.

Well, anyways you did the right thing =)

I'm surprised nobody commented yet. You and I have the same exact views about this. Wow, I'm so glad you spoke up about this. I probably would of done the same thing. How can someone "pretend" not to notice? That's freakin ridiculous, YOU DO NOTICE!!! Those kinds of people don't deserve to be parents. You did the right thing, I hope she remembers that =)<br />
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I've seen stupid parenting and this is an example of one.