He Wants a Future Yet He's Distant

I've been with my boyfriend nearly 2 years, he's a wonderful guy and I'm very lucky, however he can be really distant on numerous occasions and there are times we have gone days without talking to each other because he wants to be alone.

I know guys like their space but i sometimes wonder if hes just making that up so he doesn't have to talk to me and it really upsets me because i always think its something ive done. He assures me it isnt but i just cant understand why he wants to spend more time on his own than with me :-(.

A few days ago he actually asked me to move in with him and have kids in the future but since that conversation we havent even spoke and when i try to talk to him i just get 1 word answers and i sometimes get the feeling he doesnt care, well then why ask me in the first place i dont get it???

Is this the way guys really behave because in all the rships ive had ive never known a guy to be so distant, i love him and i want a future with him but if hes acting like this with me now, what's it gonna be like if we do move in together? please help all comments much appreciated thankyou :-)

angelface21 angelface21
22-25, F
Sep 10, 2009