I'll take random ringing over constant ringing any day. I used to get random ringing now I get constant ringing and tend to zone out to avoid listening to the high pitched ringing to save me from going crazy. Oddly enough, it makes me hear less than I should because I have tuned things out in my ears.

Going deaf doesn't help matters.
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2 Responses Jul 31, 2010

It means I was hit by lightening and have tinnitus due to the lightening strike and incredible loud bang that happened (which I still don't remember - but my buddy who was hit with me remembers the sound quite distinctly).<br />
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And anyway, I would have 10 people thinking of me, one per each tone (approx.).<br />
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Talk about bad random luck - or was it good luck because I didn't die? I could never figure that one out.

It means someone is thinking about you.