I Hate to See My Kids Disappointed!

I am so sad!  We moved about a year ago.  My 1st grader has been going to school here since August.  He seems to be doing great!  We get party invitations to birthday parties and I thought it was important for him to go.  I thought this would help him fit in and make new friends!  So now the sad part!  His birthday party is Saturday!  We sent invitations to school and to a few friends back home!  We have only gotten one RSVP and it's from a girl who is really my oldest son's friend.  I know my little guy is going to be so upset that no one is coming to his skating party!  Thank goodness we have 3 kids and I let them invite friends or else it would just be our 3 kids and my 2 nieces!  I don't know what to say to him when he wants to know why no one wanted to come to his birthday party!  I am so dreading Saturday!  Anyone got any advice?

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Yep that's 4 sure...I can't wait...LOL...We are grilling out Saturday night....and I can't wait...gotta love it! Time to get outside...


Hey I could use one for the 2 that are having a bday bash in June! LOL...

are you looking for a live band??

I don't think he noticed...he had two of his school friends show up and one from boy scouts! My oldest son had two of his friends come from our old hometown.. Then he had my sister in law's 2 girls come...Thank God they had several other B'days going on so the place was packed! Thanks for the thoughts!

I know this is a little late, but we moved to TX 6 years ago and it was hard on all, it has taken a while but my kids have gotten some friends and they are better now.<br />
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Hope your boy had a good birthday.