Hate To Love Them

my parent fight since back i can remember .my father always begins the fight .he beats her,abuse her ,even he try to kill her. but after doing all bad he gets normal as nothing has happened and my mother love him with all this .I just don't understand their relationship .sometimes i feel like he is mentally unstable or having split personality problem because after treating us all me ,my mother ,and my brother he blame my mother for this trouble.he abuse me and my elder brother also .my brother has a good job but my father won't let him support the family so that he himself can dominate .when i and my brother request mom to leave this man she refuses because she said its been the same forever and it will be same till her death .and in all these years of my life i know that if we separate them he will definatly take her back with his inocent talks as he do always after fights. i don't know what to do how to deal with this all.sometime i wish he died or my mother dies because in either case me and my brother get freedom from him .I am living my life like a prisoner and can't take it any more I really wish i get freedom from all this .i am so attached to my mother that i can't handle the torcher she is having due to the bastard .THAT man never love us ,he was never there when we are sick ,and strangely i really feels great when he gots sick . he abuses us whenever he wants without any reason .there is always very scary and deep silence in the house like some had died .really i want him to be dead . plz guys pray for that happens. its a bad wish but as this make my rest of the family happy including his office employs so it seems a good deal .plz guys pray he dies or kill himself or anything else happens to him.
daughterhate daughterhate
Dec 13, 2012