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My brother-in-law married a Russian woman. They met at work, dated, he got her pregnant, then married her and divorced her. She has been a total nightmare! Their son is now 5 years old and able to tell us things.


They were snuggling together on the couch and my nephew said. "Daddy, your a loser" My brother-in-law did not know what to say. He was stunned. My nephew then said, "Daddy, what's a loser?" I guess he gave him a brief description that a 5 year old would understand. My nephew looked him and said "Your not a loser daddy...I love you"

Now tell me, why would any parent put such an innocent child in the middle like this? If they do it out of frustration or spite why do they involve the child? Do they not realize what it does to them? I think this should be considered child abuse.


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It is so sad when parents do this. It can be hard to keep your feelings about your ex from your children, but we should remember that it is ourselves - not our children - who have the problem with the previous spouse/<br />
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I'm sorry your family had to go through this.