My Aunts Names..

My mom will call me by her sisters' names before she corrects herself. It is kind of funny sometimes, but it can get annoying.

Also, my name is quite uncommon, so I normally get variations of my name, but not my actual name. They will add a I to it or an extra E and it will sound totally different. This has not happened too often lately, but it used to happen alot. Even my friends would get it wrong. I think one of the worst/funniest was when the wrong name was on my prescription from my doctor. Then I was called Gretta in a mailing that was from my high school. haha.. yeah
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I have the same problem! My mom calls me all of my brothers and sisters names before she actually gets to mine (I'm the youngest of six kids). I also have an uncommon name (For a girl) I've been called Destiny, Dustin, Misty, Jessie. It's quite entertaining, really.

I A mother of 4 childern, Whwn i call one of my kids some time I call all them, they do get annoyed at me I am sure:=)